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Thursday, October 8, 2015 without You.

In my yoga classes, just as my students are slipping off into a long and well-deserved savasana, I always try to guide them into the care of being presently within themselves, while at the same time, allowing their mind to be free and wander.

This is the way I mentally direct myself in my own self-practice and call me a gypsy, but I love not have boundaries as I blissfully dive into the resonance of my own body and forget the rest of the least for a mere handful of minutes on my mat.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than a guided savasana setting up walls for my mind to be contained in, so I appreciate this mindful allowance of wanderlust.

Except of course, when lately, my default traveler of a mind has been presently contained in a singular box in my brain, artfully labeled with a capital-lettered, "You."

This box was supposed to be long forgotten, dusty, and tucked high on a shelf, unreachably far away. But, for some reason whenever I allow my mind to roam, it loves to reach in between the nooks and crannies of our memories and pull out a dagger of unexpected feeling.

I think of You all the time, you know, except, you don't really know at all. Because that's been the problem with us all along, we both cared at exactly the wrong times. What I wish the most, is to tell you I care and that I will keep caring until you come around. I won't forget you this time or abandon ship, I'm not scared anymore of what may come. I'm just not interested in any of it anymore, if you're not along for the ride.

To me, you are like an unopened present left under the tree well past Christmas Day, that I keep staring at as a little kid. I don't mind waiting, because I am certain that you're my counterpoint in this crazy world we live in. If only we get a real shot.

Please hurry up. It's so hard to be present in a world where I'm presently without you. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Face First in a First World Problem.

Glass Animals - "Gooey"

It doesn't matter what I do (or don't do) the night before.

I wake up one of two ways:

1. It's still dark out, just shy of 6:00 am, I roll out of bed, throw on a pair of yoga pants with the shirt I slept in, bra optional. I grab my mat next to the nightstand, walk down the hall to the studio, connect my beats to the sound system, and start some sun salutations in the dark to "Gooey." After an hour on my mat, I'm feeling like a smoothie to go with the killer peanut butter vibes.


2. It's definitely not dark out, just shy of my 100th 'snooze' alarm, I stumble out of bed, trip over a pair of yoga pants tangled up on the floor, bra definitely not happening. I knock over my mat next to the nightstand, walk down the hall past the studio, connect the plug of the Nespresso maker, and start some sanity salutations in the kitchen to the caffeine gods. After a short espresso goes down the hatch, I'm feeling like a smoothie to go with the killer caffeinated vibes.

So yeah, cool, different story, same ending point.

Except for the fact that I'm faced with a major first world problem on the daily here in Morocco: a lack of smoothie essentials.

No ground flax, no almond milk, absolutely no raw vegan protein powder, and chia seeds are few and far between.

I seriously feel like Santiago in The Alchemist, trekking across the Sahara desert in search of my Personal Legend at the bottom of the blender in the morning.

I miss my 18 unpronounceable ingredient smoothies that I was able to whip up in 18 seconds flat.

Lately, I've been making the most foul concoctions ever. Last Monday, I threw together an orange, carrot, ginger smoothie and I ended up having to plug my nose and chew it like Bugs Bunny before actually swallowing it. In fact, now that I think about it, I think I still have some in the fridge to finish never. Barf.

It's not that produce is uncommon here - there's actually so much of it available it's overwhelming! Everything sold in the markets is organic and seasonal and perfectly ripe and ready to eat. Oh and cheap, so unbelievably cheap. 

But, all of the Western world's smoothie additives (which really take a blended up mush to the next level) are nonexistent! 

I've totally forgotten how to make a basic betch smoothie. It's a tragic, but true story.

I'm having to completely go back to square one and reteach myself how to make a simple smoothie. Produce, a base, and call it a day.

Luckily, here in Morocco there's an endless supply of almonds and dates...bee pollen too, randomly.

If you have any ideas for a simple blend, I'd love to become a success story.

Till then, unhappily blending,

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