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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Favorite Things; Holiday Candles.

You know that song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music?

If I were to make up my own version of the song, I'd definitely swap out "whiskers on kittens" for "man buns on hipsters" and change up "silver white winters that melt into springs" with something more like "sexy vacations that base a good tan" - but that's just me.

Crisp apple streudels and schnitzel with noodles can stay on the menu for sure, but I'd throw in some homemade baklava too, for the sake of us all carb-loading.

Oh and you know what else would definitely make the chorus? Holiday candles.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad (and my resting bitch face is starting to cramp), I simply start burning my favorite scents, and then I start to feel pretty badass.

Holiday candles literally make this time of the year for me, I simply can't get enough. This festive madness overloading the senses starts around October when pumpkin spice and everything nice begins to not-so-gracefully stock a white girl's shelves. Le basic. But, oh, it smells so good. I love the festive change up from my trusty Tom's burning year-round (Tom Dixon Element CandleTom Ford Tuscan Leather Candle) and Crisp Champagne bubbling on the hour by Voluspa.

What I personally like? The ooey and gooey-er the better. Caramel, brown sugar, bourbon flavored anything. Pumpkin is cool, and so is anything that gives reference to holing up in a cabin in the woods with a TD&H (tall, dark, & handsome) man decked out in red flannel with the smell of pinecones and freshly roasted s'mores wafting through the air. Oh, and don't forget a hint of hot cocoa flirting with peppermint bark. I'm all about that peppermint, and sleigh bell sugar cookie, and gingerbread whipped cream Irish coffee with a candy cane twist. The names start to get disgustingly glutenous as the season wears on.

Anyway, so happy we're talking holiday candles and not holiday calories.

Unless you plan on ingesting these, which I highly do not recommend that you do, you can indulge calorie free all season long.

Here are a few of my favorite indulgences...

Oh, and this one isn't "holiday flavored," but I think it's really cool and since I won't be blogging about candles for say, at least a good month or few, let me share before I forget to care:

Basically, you burn that betch down and it reveals your fortune! 

Only at Urban Outfitters, naturally.

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