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Sunday, December 14, 2014

How To Pull Off Sequined Pants.

Sequins are rad; if you're up for a challenge, that is.

For some reason (actually, lots of reasons), sequins pose as a serious fashion risk with a 99% chance of you looking like a hot mess. And not in a sexy way.

I don't think I need to go into detail regarding the catastrophic 99 percentile. We all know a cringe-worthy look when we see one. Instead, allow me to be straight up.

Here's how to pull off sequined pants without looking like you raped a disco ball:

1. If you're going to be bold, and my dear, sequins are bold, you might as well go balls to the effing walls and say goodbye to traditional. Trousers are swell, but if you really want to get jaws dropping you should make them drop down low for a drop crotch. The pair above by Givenchy not only has a killer Harlem attitude, but it also uses a multitude of sequin hues allowing you to A. wear this (expensive) pair of sequined pants with multiple pieces you should already have in your closet - black tank, white distressed tee, tuxedo blazer, etc. - and B. not be a basic betch.

2. If you're gonna be a basic betch, your best option is to go with basic black. I actually really love this pair of sequined black trousers by Donna Karan, even if morally I'm obliged to disclose that I think that Donna is a total Debbie Downer, but whatev. This pair is ridiculously flattering and is so basic that if you show up to a party and sequins are just not vibing, these pants basically scream, "Sequins? Psh, as if I'd be daring enough to wear sequins. Ease up on the champs, Marge."

3. Sidenote: If you're going with basic black, try a really cool high-waisted version like the above by Jason Wu. Not everything looks better high-waisted, but sequins typically do. 

4. If you show up to a party where sequins are just not vibing, the best possible thing to do is rebel, naturally. This manrepelling pair of Jean Paul Gaultier does just that. This pair is so effing ugly, but it's wearability is out the roof. I totally see this with a high-neck button up, a weird graphic cut-out tank, or a sports jersey jacket that isn't actually sports-affiliated. I wouldn't spend 4k on a pair, but if I happened to come across one at a consignment store that hadn't been hemmed (because that sh*t would be up to my knees and no one likes capris), I would snag it for sure.

5. If you're a bargain hunter and don't want to spend a handbag's worth of savings on a pair of outdated stylized pants that you'll only wear once and have a 99% chance of being a disaster, I highly recommend going with a pair by Alice + Olivia. They're trendy, the cut is always really chic, there are tons of cute sequined options that really aren't that tacky, and they always go on sale at Neimans or Saks for at least half the price. Score.

P.S. Don't wear a pair of slightly pointy-toed heels with sequined pants like the model is doing above. This looks stupid. Wear an ultra high basic pump in black or go with something strappy. Absolutely no boots, even if they're booties, and don't you dare wear flats. If you don't want a heel, break out a pair of cool kicks (i.e. something like these YSL sneakers). 

Because, who cares? You're wearing sequined pants for God's sake.

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