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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chic Accoppiato for the Socialite; ZuZu Kim.

Getting dressed up to go out can sometimes be the most annoying chore if nothing in your closet is inspiring you. New pieces, old pieces, same sh*t. If the inspiration is dead, even your spiked Louboutin high-tops look like effing old news. Le sigh.

My friends and I will seriously pick themes for our nights out just so we have something to get excited about and channel new inspiration. For instance, we've done Met Ball Circa 2013 (Punk: Chaos to Couture), one of our favorites, Arabian Nights, you know I love an amazing turban and definitely don't require a theme to wear one, Blue, we literally went to the MAC make-up counter and chose a facial feature to dedicate entirely to the color blue. My incredibly artistic friend knows no limits and literally went full blue mouth, it was totally boundary pushing. She even wanted to do her eyebrows, but we're saving that for our Highlighted Eyebrow theme...just kidding, kind of

Anyway, if you're like me and get down with a theme for a night out, I've got an amazing new addition to your rolodex of exhibitions; Chic Accoppiato.

What's Chic Accoppiato you ask? Oh dear reader, we're about to get specific. 

Side note, I was so excited for a minute, I almost just typed an exclamation point after that, and I do not work exclamation points into my language. 

But, exclamation point this, if you must: 

ZuZu Kim Chic Accoppiato for the Socialite to be exact. A-F-ing-MEN.

If you haven't heard of ZuZu Kim, ZuZu Kim is a ready-to-wear, contemporary line founded by the unconventionally and artistically creative, Christina Kim. Her collection is luxuriously strong with an emphasis in chic. I was thrilled to discover her recent addition to the brand, "Accoppiato," a collection of strikingly exquisite, unisex bow ties. 

Christina describes the mood of her neckwear as "exciting, luxurious, unexpected, elegant, chic, and appeals to consumers of all ages from uptown to downtown." And this balanced and fresh new look, naturally New York City produced, dear readers, is a mood I severely dig.

Each bow tie is almost entirely handmade and put together using the finest European fabrics and trims, and of course unexpected elements which Christina believes "offsets the energy and convention of design." Yes, please.

So much passion is cultivated in the Accoppiato collection, it's invigorating and a privilege to wear.

Check it...

*5% of entire online sales are donated to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, a non-profit foundation supporting music education, enriching and inspiring the passion of public school children with the donation of new musical instruments.

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