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Monday, October 13, 2014

Hyde: How Yoga Defines Experience.

Most of us pride ourselves on eating organically and doing our best to stay away from harmful pesticides, pollutants, and processed pests. We are well aware (or at least, slightly informed) of the very un-cool effects these toxic P-words have on our bodies and on our earth. Contaminated water, harmful air to our lungs, hair on our chests, man-boobs, third-eyes all around - in a very not so yogi sense - terrifying!

So, we hit up our neighborhood's farmers market on the regular, sub-in organic raw nut milks when ordering our morning lattes, and use natural cleaning products generously around the house.

Sometimes however, we forget that what we put on the outside of our body is just as important as what we put in it. Why bother foregoing deliciously modified and artificially sweetened candy if you're just going to drape yourself in unsustainably manufactured cotton processed with chemicals? 

Priorities, dear reader, priorities.

This is especially important to consider if you're sweating and breathing more than the typical stationary human being. Such as, you're going for a run along the beach or down dogging it in a hot yoga class. 

For the sake of this one-sided conversation, let's say for instance, you're doing the latter. You're sweating and twisting and detoxifying and you just want to get your hot and sweaty chaturanga game on in a healthy, natural fashion.

Strip yourself from those toxic and artificially altered yoga pants right now.

I've found yoga clothes as organic and as vibrant as your custom juice blend from Whole Foods...take a sip from Hydehow yoga defines experience.

Hyde yoga apparel was created fifteen years ago with a commitment to providing versatile clothing of a high organic quality, affordable pieces that are designed with the thoughtful yoga practice in mind, and a true dedication to a sustainable living.

Quick little story from Hyde on why they chose organic here: Why Organic?

I love Hyde and how their clothes honor the body, respecting it by offering only products of the purest form. Not to mention, Hyde offers some pretty incredible colors if having the most colorful yoga pants in the room is a thing for you...I know it is for me.

Here's what's organically juicing from Hyde now...

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