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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hipster Donut Hubs; Cool Places To Get Donuts Even Before Instagram Fame.

I don't know about you, but I think donuts are kind of ridiculously amazing.

When my sisters and I were really little, every Sunday morning my Dad would bring home a great big box of donuts for us. We would watch cartoons with crumbs, sprinkles and pink frosting all over our faces. Actually, I'm just speaking for myself. Laura would be face first in a chocolate bar, and Lindsay would have licked all of the maple frosting off of not just hers, but all of the other maple donuts in the box. We were such charming children.

So, today, in celebration of my Dad's 60th birthday, we decided to blindfold him and take him to Peterson's Donut Corner, the place where my sisters and my love for donuts all began. We got a box of our signature donuts (the box included a pink frosting donut with rainbow sprinkles, a giant maple buttermilk that needed two hands to hold, two fresh out of the oven twists, and a glazed cinnamon roll like you've never seen before) and sat down on the picnic style benches on the corner of the shop to eat. 

While we were intently inducing sugar to the bloodstream, I looked up and realized Peterson's was poppin' - there were literally never less than 8 people in line. Boxes were flying out the shop left and right. This was a genuine hot spot for America's most favorite treat.

I got to thinking about how long this donut shop had been cool...and it had been cool long before Instagram was even a thing. I mean, I had been going here before I even had a cell phone. I suppose you could call Peterson's somewhat of a hipster among the donut world.

Now, we have vegan doughnuts and innovative siracha-spiced powdered sugar, pork rind "fusion" doughnuts, and everything in between. Don't get me wrong, Portland's Voodoo Doughnut and The Donut Pub in Manhattan's Chelsea are literally unbeatable. However, there are some absolutely amazing hole in the walls that have kept their game at a top notch level before the social media craze and deserve some serious recognition. 

Check out these hipsters of the donut world, who were cool even before the donut comeback...

Location: Cardiff by the Sea
Recognition: Blueberry Buttermilk

Location: Chicago
Recognition: Apple Fritter

Location: Honolulu
Recognition: Malasadas

Location: Los Angeles
Recognition: Sugar Raised

Location: San Francisco
Recognition: Maple Bacon Apple

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  1. Being a local San Diegan, the local donut shops have always trumped the bigger names e.g. Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, etc. PQ donuts and of course Donut Touch are local faves but Danny's Donuts supposedly had the best Blueberry in the country. I have yet to check it out though.


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