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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Dating Shoe Game.

This past Saturday, my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and drinks at Cucina Enoteca, our favorite Del Mar hot stop where the drinks are strong and the food is 110% worth the calories. We started off with two martinis, she was sipping on the New Hollywood and I was just holding back from downing the Del Mar Debutante, it was that good. Another round please, and it was time to play our game.

The game is called The Dating Shoe Game.

How to play: Simply pick your target daters, analyze their date (slyly, please), come to a conclusion, and double check your final answer with the shoes that the girl is wearing.

Often times, you can tell exactly what date the couple is on just by looking at the girl's shoes. The first parts of the game are just for sh*ts and giggles.

Don't believe me?

Check it...

1. She's wearing a pair of classic Saint Laurents that she's had since they were still YSLs. They're sophisticated, yet fun, and totally safe. That is, until she realizes that the guy "her friend" (aka Tinder) set her up with is shorter than she anticipated...

The Date: She's on a blind date.

2. Badass choice rocking a pair of Isabel Marants, current collection. They're casually edgy while maintaining a great statement. The guy she's with? Oh, he's "just a friend." They always order a bottle of wine when the go out.

The Date: She wants to be more than friends.

3. They're high, they're strappy...these Giuseppe Zanottis are no joke. Paired with a leather bomber jacket and silk cropped trousers, these shoes are clearly showing off. She's definitely seeking approval by wearing a matching Tom Ford matte lip colour...but wait, no push up bra?

The Date: She's with her gay best friend.

4. Sexy and dependable. This pair by Gianvito Rossi is equivalent to a worn in Balenciaga bag in a neutral color. Stylish of course, yet scuff marks may be present. Not calling him used designer goods by any means, but...

The Date: She's with her boyfriend.

5. Spikes and animal print? These are called the not believer "pump" - anyone wild enough to opt for the patent spikes and/or leopard print would demand a heel no shorter than 5" and wouldn't be caught dead in a kitten heel. Meow.

The Date: He's cheating on her, and she may or may not know it.

6. These lovely loubs mean one thing, hot hostility. They're cutting edge and stomp on every other betches' shoe in sight. An aggressive pair of seasonal Louboutins mean one thing...retaliation.

The Date: She's with her ex, he still doesn't know he bought her these shoes.

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