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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Plaid Flannel; How To Not Look Like A Start Up.

I'm obsessed with flannel. It's casually understated, ruggedly edgy, and so ridiculously comfy, I consider it as the top half of your body's equivalent to yoga pants. When Fall comes around, I seriously want to cozy up with flannel and produce little flannel wearing lumberjack babies, I love it so much.

However, there seems to be this ego-set time and place for flannel, and I object.

This morning, I got out of bed and dragged myself to Starbucks. Halfway through my soy latte, on my way to the office, I realized my oversized flannel and messy pony made me look like a total start up. Seriously, all I needed to complete my look was a pair of clear-lensed Oliver Peoples and maybe an iPad mini to shove in my front pocket. Hot look, I know. We are all fully aware that I'm totally into "start up" hipster boyfriends.

But, I knew my corporate Armani wearing father and boss would not approve...

I found a leather bomber in the backseat of my car, cinched the bottom of my flannel with a hidden bobby pin contraption, and threw a pair of burgundy Alexander Wang wedges onto my bare feet.

When I walked into the office I found the boss in his office reading the New York Times and drinking his favorite Dunkin Donuts K-Cup coffee out of his old FBI mug.

"Good call on the outfit makeover," I thought, as I snuck into my office.

As you see, flannel, there's a time and a place for you.

Especially if you insist on being a really hideous color-blind scheme, 5 sizes too large, and paired with black distressed skinny jeans.

If you find yourself in a love affair with your flannel throughout the Fall season, to the rustling of the golden leaves (or palm trees) and the sweet scent of PSLs wafting through the air, here are a few options to save yourself from looking like a start up.

Check it...

1. Find flannel that doesn't look totally dorky tucked in. This is easiest to pull off looking sleek with a plaid "flannel" look rather than full on heavy flannel fabric. I wouldn't recommend pairing with distressed denim, but this greyscale plaid shirt by Current/Elliot is pretty amazing with its vegan (aka artificially faux) leather accents.

2. With it being Fall and all, the forecast is inching closer and closer to being sweater weather. Opt for a cropped plaid sweater to pair over a crisp button down and skinnies. I love the neutrally drab color scheme of this sweater by Rag & Bone. It's the weirdest thing but often times the uglier the color, the better one's complexion look. Equate that into the law of attraction.

3. Dress it up, literally. I think I would hate this dress so much if it wasn't 3.1, but for the sake of Phillip Lim, amen. The high neckline is office appropriate, and the angled hem adds edge. It's not your typical cozy flannel, but if you're flat-chested like me, you probably don't have to wear a bra...and that's pretty damn flannel comfort-friendly.

4. Channeling your flannel to your outwear is a great way to incorporate plaid in a tailored form. I'm really lusting after this plaid paneled, leather-trimmed coat by M.Patmos. It's chic and the hem hits at an amazing length. This coat is light weight and has slender sleeves, no worries about turning into a square here. 

3. There's nothing "start up" about a pair of Manolos.

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