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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Onzie; A Yogini's Best Kept Secret For A Night Out.

I'm currently ridiculously obsessed with Onzie, an American made yoga apparel brand based in sunny Los Angeles, California. My hot yoga studio had started carrying Onzie in their boutique awhile back, and literally every time I walked past the boutique on the way to refill my water bottle and get my daily sweat on, I had to stop and check out the new inventory. From bold colors to crazy prints - we're talking the hottest royal blues and bengal tigers here - I wanted it all. 
Quick story time...

I don't know about you, but the one thing that I absolutely hate doing after a hot yoga class is putting on structured pants or tight skinnies, especially after a mandatory cold shower that concludes my practice. If I'm staying in, cheekies and a giant t-shirt are the way to go. But, unfortunately, my typical lounging outfit isn't quite adhering to dress code if I want to go out.

So, last night I promised I'd meet a friend for a glass (or two) of rosé at L'Auberge after my hot power flow class. L'Auberge has an amazingly cozy poolside fire pit and while I was so tempted to head over in yoga clothes, I slapped a little tasteful effort into myself and made myself strap on a pair of Manolos.

Ok, beautiful matte black leather cage heels on, Manolo Blahnik circa 2008, my favorites.  

Now for the rest of my body; A slinky silk black Alexander Wang camisole, and then I spotted it...draped over the chaise lounge in my room - my Onzie Gypsy Pant in the latest Fall 2014 print, a bold green tribal print - sold! I threw a nude gloss into a skull knuckle Alexander McQueen clutch, because that's about all that it fits, and was out the door in yoga pants.

And nobody would ever know.

The Onzie Gypsy Pant is my best kept secret for a night out. Paired with heels and a little skin on top, this look is killer. I have them in every print. I guess the cat's out of the Prada now...but, now you know. Stock up on the Onzie Gypsy Pant and other Onzie clothes before all the other post-yoga lazy chaturanga arms snag them up.

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