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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Love/Hate Rebellion Towards Lululemon.

I love Lululemon. But, it currently sucks.

Yeah yeah, I still wear it, I still buy it, I still hoard it like I'm trying to get on the next episode of Hoarders. Remember the Claire and Vance episode? Vance hoards half a million books (not exaggerating) and Claire collects creepy cat figurines and Beanie Babies like it's 1998. That power couple's got nothing on my Wunder Under Crop collection.


Lululemon has become a basic betch.

It's overproduced and becoming more and more appealing to the mass public. Lululemon stores are getting thrown in every "luxury" - and I use that word very lightly - shopping center and mall from San Diego to New York City, regardless of whether or not hot yoga has even become a thing in the midwest yet...I don't know, has it? Not to mention, the quality of Lululemon is sucking. And I mean really, really sucking. The newer the pieces, the faster they wear. My brand new Breathe Easy Pant is on a ventilator and about to flat line where as my five-year-old Lululemons are alive and kickin'.

Not only is Lululemon a basic betch, but it's also a cheap, tacky betch. Gross.

It's practically clipping in extensions, carrying around a fake Louis, and drinking warm, buttery chardonnay.

But, enough of the sh*t talking. Point being, Lululemon is no longer a thing. I'll still religiously wear it, but only because of its fond memory. What I'm trying to do now is find new amazing pieces to incorporate into my dresser full of Lulu.

All of the true yogis at my sister and my studio have the coolest pants ever. Strategic rips, tie-dye chakra color schemes, Hamsa print pinstripes, you name it. We really want to get involved with this movement. And maybe get a nose ring.

Totally inspired, I went on an online search, here's what ended up in my shopping basket...

P.S. is my new BFF of a search engine when it comes to finding clothes for my newly established anti-Lululemon yogini self. Yogi apparel gets hardcore on there. Saving that for another post, but go scope it.

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  1. I have friends who swear by the brand. But I couldn't fathom sweating is such pricey clothes. I love the yogi lifestyle it's refreshing and inspiring, I completely support your endeavor to find alternatives to main stream overpriced cheaply made apparel.


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