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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Detox, Obvi.; Seasonal Style.

Mondays are amazing days.

They drag your a** out of bed bright and early and kick off the beginning of the week. They fuel your caffeine addiction - make it a Venti, please. They make an excellent excuse for a wine night with the girlfriends, even after spending Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of last week with your BFFs and savory bottles (you lushes).

Oh and speaking of wine and being a lush, most of all, drumroll please...Mondays mean it's time to detox, obvi.

The women of my family always start a detox on a Monday, even if it ends by 8:00 pm in favor of a mandatory detox surrender to Pinkberry...with dark chocolate chip crisps and raspberries, please.

It's kind of like a family legend.

Well, recently, my aunt found an amazing nutritionist who specializes in detoxing with the seasons. She is well studied in Chinese Medicine and uses it as a basis for her seasonal cleanses. Basically, her detoxes are brilliant.

I could go on and on about cleansing with the seasons and what crazy "hokey pokey" sh*t is involved relating to your vital qi (life force) and the organs you're cleansing, but why don't we save me the time and lost followers and have you go google that yourself if you feel so inclined to learn more. There are true legit sources out there, I promise. Not that I'm not totally legit, but I'm just regurgitating the info I learn and making it sound cool.

Point being, cleansing with the seasons is the way to go. And it's super easy! It's all about nourishing yourself with the freshest sources of nutrition the planet has to offer during each season and of course, cutting back on the champs and caffeine.

Easy peasy, blonde and breezy.

So today, since it is a Monday, marks the start of a fab detox. If you want details, feel free to email me, tweet me, deliver me personalized Sprinkles cupcakes spelling out your request (I can freeze them while I'm detoxing, don't worry).

This detox is total DIY style and up to you to cut out the crap in your life; No soy, no dairy, no Cheetos. Capiche? Come on, this isn't the first Monday cleanse you've ever started.

Here are the basics:

What to eat: non-dairy milks, all fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, seeds.

What not to eat: animals, carbs in the form of baked goods, Skittles, vodka, grilled cheeses, ranch dressing, gooey chocolate chip and walnut brownies, basically anything not on the "what to eat" list.

When to eat (not eat) it...your daily sched: Wake up with lemon water, breakfast (smoothie, juice, tea, keep it liquid), mid-morning snack (a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, half an avocado, you don't have that much to get creative with), lunch (raw salad, nourishing soup, not a Cobb salad), afternoon snack (if you are hungry, a fresh green juice is a great way to go), dinner (something light to prepare your body for sleep not a marathon), bedtime (tea, not booze).

Keep it seasonal and keep it fresh. Fresh to death, betches. Juice up. Xo.

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