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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

End of Summer Lip Shades for Day.

Just as much as I love my Manolos, I also love my super bright Tom Ford matte lipsticks. But sometimes, the season calls to tuck away some least during the day. In my opinion, wearing too bold of lipstick in the summer is like wearing heels to the beach. It's just slightly an extremely bit tacky. 

Getting bored with my constant nudity of the lip, I scoped out the make up counters and found some great glossy shades that are completely seasonally appropriate for the endless summer days. Not to harsh, not to "warrior-esque painted on," these shades you can effortlessly rock at any hour of the day. As much as I love, live and die for the matte look, these shades offer an effervescent effect that I'm truly super into right now.

Check it...

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