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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boyfriend's Choice; Dessert at George's.

Generally speaking, I'm only interested in dessert if there's chocolate, frosting, or on special occasions, sprinkles involved. Yes, I realize that at times I have the dessert palette of a five year old...and I'm totally ok with that.

There will come a time however, where you go to George's for dinner and Bee Stings (Ketel One Vodka, kumquats, ginger, honey, lemongrass) and just because it's Monday, you decide to let your inhibitions go and agree to your boyfriend's choice of dessert to share. Just because it's Monday.

Now, at California Modern, you can't go wrong with a single thing on the menu. Everything is prepared to seasonal perfection and so aesthetically pleasing to the eye that you end up eating your entire plate with one look before a bite even hits your taste buds.

Pure poetry, I know, but back to my story set up...

We've sunken into the incredibly luscious purple couch that we were seated at, sipping on our drinks and looking over the dessert menu.

Sidenote: The purple couch though. I seriously wanted to bring a U-Haul to Prospect so I could take it to go because it's so comfortable and modernly chic, that I would be totally happy sleeping on the couch for the rest of my life. Plus, we all know how difficult it is to find a beautifully tasteful purple accent piece these days now that Versace isn't making furniture like he used to.

Everything on the dessert menu looks delectably delicious, and calls for quite a decision to be made.

French Macarons with a cucumber, mint, limoncello, ricotta cream, Meyer lemon curd, and Chino Farms strawberry sorbet. Warm Chocolate Tart with coffee roasted beets, crème fraiche, beet greens, cocoa nib, and dulce de leche ice cream. Sesame Doughnuts & Dips with ginger crème anglaise, five spice chocolate sauce, red pean paste, and sweet syrup.

Limoncello, dulce de leche, five spice chocolate is it even allowed that these scrumptious ingredients are printed on the same menu?

Just because it was Monday, I let the delicious man next to me decide on dessert. Eyeroll, it was either the second dirty martini that did me in or I had it bad.

You'll never believe what happened next.

He chose the Carrot Cake.

Dear God, I was practicing my emotions on a man who liked Carrot Cake.

No bourbon caramel sauce, no raspberry whipped cream, certainly no sticky toffee pudding cake.

I decided to go with the flow and let the professionals handle this. My dessert's fate laid in the hands of Executive Chef Trey Foshee who says, "To make really good food, you have to be completely aware of what's going on with the's about combining them in ways that bring out the individual flavors yet allow them to bounce off each other."

Cheers to wishful thinking, for I was hoping Chef Trey would make the carrot bounce off the cake altogether.

After much anticipation, out came the Carrot Cake accompanied with salted walnuts, caramel tuile, cream cheese ice cream, and pineapple kombucha sorbet.

Why, it didn't even look like cake at all! Round balls of cake separated with razor thin wafers, edgy and modern. I liked. After the first bite, I loved. So much, in fact, that when I was saved the last bite, I gladly accepted. Did I mention pineapple kombucha sorbet? This was the coolest carrot cake ever.

Moral of the story, just because it's Monday, let him choose the dessert.

But, only at George's.


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