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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Amazing Vegan Breakfasts That Aren't A Total Snooze.

The worst part about being vegan is breakfast. Sorry for being a Negative Nancy this early on in the post, but it's true (or maybe I'm just hangry). It's totally and utterly depressing.

I used to look forward to my giant cup of black coffee with a side of breakfast. Deliciously poached eggs, savory cheese danishes, fresh lox, buttered Belgian waffles, and God forbid a melt in your mouth hollandaise sauce if I'm really trying to contribute to dying a slow death first thing in the morning.

Now it's all about meals when tempeh and tahini are involved. Definitely after 12 pm. Gag.

For breakfast on the daily I like to bore myself with raw vegan superfood smoothie concoctions, maybe a not-so-great big bowl of goldilocks oats (steel cut and gluten free, please), or if I'm feeling really wild, a piece of sprouted toast with smashed avocado and an assorted mix of herbs and spices to egg on a wee bit of satisfaction. Pun intended.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the variety of raw chia seed puddings and vegan granola bowls, bars, and balls shoved down a vegan's throat day in and day out.

Case and point being, if you're vegan, your typical breakfast is a basic betch.

"What about incorporating fake sausage and scrambling up some soy eggs?"

Great question, but I'd rather choke.

Substituting nasty fake things for whole, plant-based foods totally defies the health benefits of being vegan. You might as well eat a McMuffin at McDonald's and call it a McMorning.

Anyway, I had one of those "aha moments" over the weekend as I poked at my oats. I scavenged around my Pinterest feed, and gathered up five amazing vegan breakfast ideas that aren't a total snooze and don't use any fake Birkin-scaled impersonators in the ingredients.

Check it out...

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