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Monday, June 2, 2014

This Ain't Europe; A Guy's Guide to Skimpy Swimwear this Summer.

My good friend D.T. always gives me the absolute greatest ideas for blog posts. I'm not exactly sure about the finished blogged about result, but the research is always extra juicy.

This one in particular: male swimwear.

I've come to the consensus that us women are total perverts when it comes to men and their choice of swimwear. If we had it our way, every man would look like either Pierce Brosnan circa 007 or Matthew McConaughey circa the most minimalistically possible material coverings.

i.e. USA's men's olympic swim team.

Unfortunately, very few men want to participate in this fantasy of ours and the ones that do probably belong as #11 on the list of 10 Undercover Douchey Guys to Avoid at All Costs.

So, to clarify the do's and definitely do not's of male swimwear options this summer, I've come up with an easy guide on how to go skimpy without skimping out or looking like manslut.

#thisainteurope homies, check it...

Aaron O'Connell proves that you absolutely do not have to be a twig-sized hipster to pull off the short trunks. If you have solid quads, please by all means, go ahead and show them. Extra points for cool kicks.

When all else fails, go retro. Swimwear had serious style back in the days with a fitted band, higher waist and a straight-thigh cut. Retro color-blocking is not only a classic statement, but is also often times strategically placed to emphasize...well you know, just to emphasize.

I am a huge fan of Agua Bendita for men. The first time I saw the line was walking down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Swim 2014 in Miami chafe-free with a flattering fit. This is a great option if you want a narrow fit to compensate for a longer length.

Speaking of fit...two more words: Orlebar Brown. Hands down, the best tailored swimwear out there. It's bold, it's printed, it's styled, and most of all, it is tailored to fit. Tailoring is major...and you thought it was only necessary for your suits that you wear to the office. You've got jokes.

Nothing in the world is hotter than father and son matching trunks, such as the iconic swimwear created by Vilebrequin. Nautical prints, bright patterns, a classic cut, Vilebrequin designs each pair appropriate for any age, which makes every single piece in the line timeless.

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