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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plastic Bottles Not Allowed.

Plastic bottle Perrier water reminds me of the one time that I got food poisoning from the lime off a tequila shot and my boyfriend at the time forced me to drink an entire liter of stale Perrier water in the back of his Benz on the way home so that I wouldn't dehydrate and "die." Not a fond memory.

Moral of the story? Bad things come in plastic bottles.

I'm sure this isn't news to you, as your hot yoga studio has probably ear f*cked you right into corpse pose on this topic. But, let me reiterate this for just a second so that I get the point of this post across to those who may not have an unlimited membership at CorePower, and get my post's word count up.

1. Plastic bottles are not sustainable, period. They have a carbon footprint as heavy as Shrek and are just about as biodegradable as pointy-toed patent leather Valentino Rockstud flats.

2. Plastic bottles are super damaging to your body too. Most carry more toxins than you released from your last 3-day BluePrint Cleanse, even "BPA-free plastic" was used. If plastic water bottles sit around for a long time or are exposed to heat, they start to leak highly toxic chemicals - some of which may be total endocrine disruptors. Said simply, your body could turn into a crazier science experiment than Joan Rivers's face.

And yeah yeah, you never leave your plastic water bottle in the cup holder of your car. Hate to break it to you, but do you realize how long the plastic water bottles sat in the sun as importing cargo before they hit the shelves? Longer than your last layover in London, I can guarantee.

How to go plastic bottle free:

1. Take the vow to VOSS.

2. Lululemon-ize by refilling and reusing.

*If you really miss your Fiji water that much, take a vacation there.

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