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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pillows; Decorative and Definitely Not Gaudy.

I am very much into decorative pillows lately. Not in an "Along Came Polly" sad, divorced, pointless and pathetic arrangement...but, more so in a bold, boho, Moroccan sense...aesthetically speaking

Exhibit A: No.

Along Came Polly

Exhibit B: Yes.

Unless you're physically in Morocco however, it is very easy to cross the delicately woven line separating culturally extravagant to timelessly tasteless. Simple backgrounds (whites, ivories, creams), structured angles, and a statement mosaic can make a lovely foundation for cultural throw pillows, but don't over do it with harsh light fixtures holding burning, dripping candles and/or heavy, dingy tapestries covering every inch of every wall.

Here are a few pillows that I've found by fabulous designers, including Mara Hoffman who has the most fabulous swimwear line ever, that accent nicely and can be easily mixed in with your current d├ę it, you have exquisitely good taste to begin with and have managed to create an organic and flowing foundation...

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