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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Miu Miu Pumps Out Resort 2014.

Miu Miu, Resort 2014

Finally. A-Effing-Men. A shoe line that is actually fun

I am so sick and tired to death of boring shoe collections that are copies of the classics and subpar standards. Enough with the designer shoes that we can wear with "105 Different Looks this Summer" or the shoes that transform us "From Day to Night" - yes, you're getting your pretty penny's worth...but don't you want a pair of shoes that everyone is going to remember you wearing, instead of covering up a nine-to-fiver, worn-too-many-times pair with too many accessories? 

Hate to break the Blahniks to you honey, but those boring BB patent pumps are more basic than your boyfriend's ex...and she's so not a staple to keep on repeating.

Miu Miu, Resort 2014

It is time to ditch the signature Saint Laurents, at least for a season, and slip your pretty Cinderella feet into a pair from Miu Miu's unforgettably unique, Resort 2014 collection. Embellishment on black, comedically couture prints...what's not to fall in love with and actually remember the morning after? 

These are special shoes. 

Special shoes are worth the investment, even if you're going to only wear them once. 

Take a peek...

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