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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Impressive Last Minute Weeknight Attire.

The Scenario: It's 7:00 p.m. and you just got out of your hot yoga sculpt class. The man next to you did not invest in proper sweat-resistant attire, don't make me explain further. You worked in the office all day long, minus 20 minutes at lunch to scarf down a $26 "cobb" salad - hold the lobster and the smoked gouda, wtf am I vegan again? - with your mother. Needless to say, you look like a haggard little beast.

The God Forsaken Un-Question: My friends are visiting from Abu Dhabi, I just made a reservation at that little restaurant that makes your favorite dirty martinis, see you in an hour!


You have two options; A. Tell your friend that you're now a recovering alcoholic and can't leave the rehab facility (aka your bedroom) for another 8 hours, or B. Pull your sh*t together and throw on an impressive outfit.

Don't be a party pooper, now.

Here are a few fab weeknight essentials that are easy to throw on and trés impressionnant, just make sure you take a shower first, I cringe at the thought of what your leftover Bikram-produced sweat could do to a silk lining.

Check it...

1. Go for a casual black with sleeves, or a printed sheath.



2. Black matches everything, your options are sophisticated Blahniks or sky-high cutouts.

3. Don't carry a crappy clutch, save it for the nightclub.

4. It's the perfect time for that conversation piece cuff.


5. After all, you will be having a cocktail...



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