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Monday, June 9, 2014

Honest Advice; 4 Rules.

As I was downing my AM coffee, sitting cross-legged in my leather office chair trying to stretch out my "dancer's dent" that got an intense work out this morning at my latest revitalized obsession, The Bar Method - I was browsing through my pinterest feed and came across the most honest advice;

"Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, and don't let boys be mean to you."

Ladies, it's that simple.

Squats? Your a**'s best friend. No matter how clingy your other bff Sprinkles gets, always remember that squats have your a** in the end. Sprinkles is just a lazy free loader.

Do the 30-Day Squat Challenge with me, shown below. I'm starting today and you should too! We're going Brazilian bikini shopping on Day 30, bring on the florescent lights.

How about those veggies? Absolutely essential. I don't care if you're vegan, vegetarian, humanitarian, or a firm advocate of the "see food" diet. Eat the damn vegetables. Even if you have to dunk your carrots in a mug of chocolate  milk.

My favorite way to get the freshest veggies, along with a side of hot people watching, is to shop locally at the farmers markets. The best farmers market in San Diego is the Little Italy Farmers Market on Saturday because A. there are tons of cute dogs (and dog owners), B. it's right up the street from my favorite coffee shop, Influx, and C. I get to stop in my best friend's amazing boutique, Azzurra Capri, where it's entirely impossible to leave empty handed.

Now, lets talk red lipstick. Love it. And that's all I have to say. Oh, except for don't cheap out. A cheap red lipstick is like a cheap L.B.D. It's just unfathomable. Red lipsticks can last for a long time's not like you're smothering them on like Burt's Bees, so invest. Unless you're making out like a fien, in which case, props to you, red lipstick need only to be applied correctly once and will last all night.

My favorite? Tom Ford Cherry Lush, shown below.

Lastly, don't let boys be mean to you. Ever. 

If they are, you have my full permission to lace on those lovely Loubs and execute a full-contact crotch shot. Rock, paper, soles beat blue balls.

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  1. I like this a LOT! So positive and sassy. I am doing squats after every run I do (that is, around 3/4 times a week), but I may as well take up this 'Squat Challenge'. Sounds like fun! Remember to visualise the butt you want (hellooo Katy Perry/Kim Kardashian), and squeeeeeeze!


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