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Thursday, June 5, 2014

First World Problems; Cobblestone - Safe Kicks.

Living in America, especially in Southern California regions or Metropolitan areas, we first handedly take advantage of a simple and oftentimes, completely overlooked luxury: pavement.

Traveling abroad has taught me that there is a time and most importantly, a place, for the soles I live in and love. Particularly, the little red ones. Try playing hopscotch on the crackled cobblestones of Napoli in spike Christian Louboutins, it really deserves recognition as a new sport in the Olympics. Perhaps under a new seasonal series of games, the Resort Collection Games.

When traveling to countries (or rural outskirts of the "city") where the land is pretty but the walkways are a hot mess, don't even attempt to bring your cherished footwear. They will be in for a real sole-shock if you let them hit that pavement...or lack thereof.

Knee-high Givenchy boots may be made for walking, but to hell in a Prada if you make them walk on scuffed slab. Don't even get me started on crushed black suede lace-up Alaïa's, should you be considering traveling to lands where rain is the predominate forecast.

It's time to get practical, dear reader. I feel that cringe setting in your face. Don't ruin your pout with a crinkled, upturned nose, I'm saving your cherished shoes from catastrophe.

Here are cobblestone-safe kicks to invest in:

A high leather boot, an oxford, over the ankle military-styled boot, a moccasin, low-profiled ankle boot, a gladiator sandal, platform wedges, a slip-on sneaker, high top kicks, a multi-band thong; all in neutrals (black, brown, tan, cream, white, and leopard...because obviously, leopard is a neutral), durable materials, and low-risk heels.



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