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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nasty Kimonos.

ki-mo-no (noun): a long, loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash, originally worn as a formal garment in Japan and now also used elsewhere as a robe.

I remember ages ago when my grandparents came back from Japan, they brought my sisters and I back beautiful silk kimonos as presents. We used to strut around the house in them with chopsticks in our hair thinking we were the coolest American girls ever.  

Who would have thought we would be doing the same 10 years later sans the chopsticks?

I request that all of you bring out your inner Mulan with a touch of Hugh Hef's swag and get on the kimono trend stat. I absolutely love these, as they add culture and style to any outfit effortlessly.

P.S. You don't have to jetset off to Japan to score amazing kimonos for your wardrobe...unless of course you want to take me, then let's fire up the G6 betch.

I'm super obsessed with Nasty Kimonos...that is, the beautiful silk gems found on Nasty Gal's website; tribal, hippie, rocker, boho, beatnik, geisha, suitable pieces for any alter ego.

Check out my favorite Nasty Gal kimonos below...






Psycho Sale Alert:



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