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Monday, May 19, 2014

Maeeda; Fashion + Swimwear.

"Maeeda combines swimwear and fashion, style and utility. 
It is urban and sexy. It is bold. It is for you."

Urban swimwear. There is such a thing. Preach.

I've discovered my very favorite line for the summer and it's name is Maeeda, created by passionate Brazilian designer, Maira. The swimwear line is powerful and street (boardwalk) smart. Vibrant and fun to accessorize, Maeeda swimwear is not for the basic b*tch. Thank G.

Here are a few of my very favorite swimsuits from the Maeeda collection, check it...

My favorite thing about the Maeeda swimwear line is not only it's edge, but the way the edges fit. All of the pieces are flattering, sporty, and sexy. Perfect for the active beach goer, or perhaps simply the one actively sipping on a margarita at the pool.

As for styling goes...anything goes; Ray-Bans, cool kicks, your boyfriend's baseball cap, wedges 5 inches tall, Tom Ford lips. I'm a huge fan of urban swimwear because there are no rules in Urbania.

For info on getting your Maeeda on, check out Maeeda Stockists here.

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  1. Yay.. I truly love her modern urban design and excellent construction. Each bikini is unique and fits like a glove.


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