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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 Really Cool Random Things, Right Now.

1. This one goes out to all of the men...and to all of us checking the men out.

Tom Ford is launching his exquisitely swag-ful sneaker collection; luxury high-tops and low-tops in seven shades of leather and five variations in velvet, all handmade by skilled artisan cobblers in no other than their Italian workshops. The labor break down of each pair involves one week of stitching, polishing and finally the "resting" of the leather, a process in which the shoe's shape is molded. Aesthetic hand-polishing, which lasts over the next three days finishes off these luxurious kicks...complete with white rubber soles, of course.

2. And this one goes out to all of the vegan ladies with an uncontrollable addiction to the men who love them, the friends who tolerate them, and the individuals who aren't vegan at all but love a damn good chocolate turtle.

One of my very favorite vegan food bloggers, Cara of Fork and Beans, posted the most amazingly decadent, yet minimalistic and kitchen-friendly recipe for vegan chocolate turtles. Like, what? Apron me up right now. They're not difficult to make, and require only a handful of ingredients for a turn (a herd) of a dozen delicious turtles. The best part? Not even the chocolate! It's all about the raw date caramel sauce. Drool.

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