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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 Really Cool Random Things, Right Now.

1. This one goes out to all of the men...and to all of us checking the men out.

Tom Ford is launching his exquisitely swag-ful sneaker collection; luxury high-tops and low-tops in seven shades of leather and five variations in velvet, all handmade by skilled artisan cobblers in no other than their Italian workshops. The labor break down of each pair involves one week of stitching, polishing and finally the "resting" of the leather, a process in which the shoe's shape is molded. Aesthetic hand-polishing, which lasts over the next three days finishes off these luxurious kicks...complete with white rubber soles, of course.

2. And this one goes out to all of the vegan ladies with an uncontrollable addiction to the men who love them, the friends who tolerate them, and the individuals who aren't vegan at all but love a damn good chocolate turtle.

One of my very favorite vegan food bloggers, Cara of Fork and Beans, posted the most amazingly decadent, yet minimalistic and kitchen-friendly recipe for vegan chocolate turtles. Like, what? Apron me up right now. They're not difficult to make, and require only a handful of ingredients for a turn (a herd) of a dozen delicious turtles. The best part? Not even the chocolate! It's all about the raw date caramel sauce. Drool.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Double Fisting Champagne, Stylishly.

So, your best friend and you decided that it was going to be a "champagne night" and for one reason or another, one glass just made things totally cliché and not a minute later, you both find yourselves double fisting flutes of champagne. Totally standard, right? Thought so.

Well, here's how to not lose your sh*t:

1. Clutch? Check. You need a clutch that isn't going to run away, flop open, dump all of the contents of it out onto the floor, and allow the floor to eat up your favorite discontinued YSL matte finish lipstick, never to be found again...until the b*tch next to you rolls her spiky little knock-off heel onto it, topples over, and spills her vodka cran all over your pastel peplum. Moral of the story? Keep your clutch on a short leash...I mean, chain.

2. Speaking of that matte finish lipstick... Sometimes, just sometimes, double fisting champagne leads to an intense urgency (and newfound life mission) to want to make out with the TD&H (tall, dark, and handsome...learn your LisaPriceInc. acronyms, thanks) standing mysteriously in the corner of the room. Don't do this if he is someone else's boyfriend, and definitely don't do this if you have a boyfriend. If all is safe, proceed ahead with nude lips. You may wear red only if you plan on making out monogamously with your champagne flute.

3. Don't make me put you on arm candy probation. As much as I love and crave arm candy aggressive enough to cause an elbow cavity (especially the above by Giambattista Valli), it's really annoying when you're carrying around your bubbles sounding like a f*cking tambourine. If you absolutely must raise your hands in the air, don't raise them like Mr. Bojangles in worn out shoes. Your Choo's are better than that.

4. On the topic of Choo's... Wear a sturdy pair. Now is not the time to test out your new Louboutin spikes for the very first time out of the box (save them for a situation out of Linen Tablecloths; A Girl's Best Kept Secret). Based off of past experience, one does not "sit down" while she's double fisting champagne. She is most certainly standing upright - hopefully - and possibly on top of a table - kidding, hopefully.

5. When you've finally reached that point, go home. There comes a time during every champagne driven night that it is time to call it a night. This doesn't mean you have to end the fun! You just should be having fun in private. Call up Uber, do not call up your ex-boyfriend. Keep your shoes on your feet until you've reached your front door mat, do not strip any other articles of clothing until the door is shut...and you're on the right side of the door, out of public view.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nasty Kimonos.

ki-mo-no (noun): a long, loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash, originally worn as a formal garment in Japan and now also used elsewhere as a robe.

I remember ages ago when my grandparents came back from Japan, they brought my sisters and I back beautiful silk kimonos as presents. We used to strut around the house in them with chopsticks in our hair thinking we were the coolest American girls ever.  

Who would have thought we would be doing the same 10 years later sans the chopsticks?

I request that all of you bring out your inner Mulan with a touch of Hugh Hef's swag and get on the kimono trend stat. I absolutely love these, as they add culture and style to any outfit effortlessly.

P.S. You don't have to jetset off to Japan to score amazing kimonos for your wardrobe...unless of course you want to take me, then let's fire up the G6 betch.

I'm super obsessed with Nasty Kimonos...that is, the beautiful silk gems found on Nasty Gal's website; tribal, hippie, rocker, boho, beatnik, geisha, suitable pieces for any alter ego.

Check out my favorite Nasty Gal kimonos below...






Psycho Sale Alert:



Monday, May 19, 2014

Maeeda; Fashion + Swimwear.

"Maeeda combines swimwear and fashion, style and utility. 
It is urban and sexy. It is bold. It is for you."

Urban swimwear. There is such a thing. Preach.

I've discovered my very favorite line for the summer and it's name is Maeeda, created by passionate Brazilian designer, Maira. The swimwear line is powerful and street (boardwalk) smart. Vibrant and fun to accessorize, Maeeda swimwear is not for the basic b*tch. Thank G.

Here are a few of my very favorite swimsuits from the Maeeda collection, check it...

My favorite thing about the Maeeda swimwear line is not only it's edge, but the way the edges fit. All of the pieces are flattering, sporty, and sexy. Perfect for the active beach goer, or perhaps simply the one actively sipping on a margarita at the pool.

As for styling goes...anything goes; Ray-Bans, cool kicks, your boyfriend's baseball cap, wedges 5 inches tall, Tom Ford lips. I'm a huge fan of urban swimwear because there are no rules in Urbania.

For info on getting your Maeeda on, check out Maeeda Stockists here.

Monday, May 12, 2014

TOMS, But Way Cooler.

Valentino Black Lace Espadrille Flats

Awhile back, my best friend and I were prowling around Neimans on one of our quick 36-hour "work" trips. Casual. And, while I was getting my make-up done at the Tom Ford counter, I see my friend modeling a pair of shoes for me.

She goes, "What do you think?"
I ask, "Are you wearing TOMS?"
She says, "F*ck you, they're Valentino."

Not two weeks later, she sends me a picture of the "TOMS"-esque shoes she tried on...I mean, the Valentino Lace Espadrilles (in gardenia pink, mind you) a Vogue spread being modeled by Chanel Iman. Whatever, I thought, they still looked like TOMS.

But wait, she was onto something, and it's currently trending everywhere - TOMS, but way cooler.

Don't get me wrong, I still want you to go out and buy your TOMS. It's an amazingly charitable brand that I strongly back...I'm all about "one for one" - just do me a "one for one" and keep your TOMS in the dark of your closet where nobody can see them.

So, back to the revolution. TOMS, but way cooler.

This is what I'm talking about...


How to search for them? Keep your eyes out for a loafer/moccasin hybrid.

To give along with TOMS, one for one, click here.

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