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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What To Shove Into Your Keepall 55 Last Minute; Vegas Edition.

So you were surprised with a last minute trip to Vegas. Totally standard, right? Here's the catch. You have only one hour to pack or you'll miss your flight.

Here's what to shove into your Keepall 55 last minute...

1. Two foldable Herve Leger bandage dresses. Nix the ones with too many embellishments, you don't want them to snag on other staples thrown together. Pick one with a wow color for night one, and you can't go wrong with a sexy L.B.D. for night two.

2. Your toiletry essentials and makeup bag.

3. One going out bag. Leave your Jumbo Flap at home, nothing larger than a medium reissue 2.55. Personally, I always bring my Alexander McQueen Knuckle Clutch with me...not only is it the size of your hand, but it comes with added nightclub protection.

4. A pair of nude pumps.

5. And a pair of black straps or cages. No, this isn't to mix it up and stay fashionable, it's because after jamming your pretty toes inside of your pointy-toed Valentino's until 4 am the night before, the last thing you're going to want to do is stick them back in that damn shoe less than 24 hours later.

6. A sober "I'd rather be shopping..." outfit for the pool.

7. A tipsy "Fill my water gun with Dom!" outfit for the pool.

8. A hungover airport outfit. Major props to Katy Perry for rocking the Chanel beach least it matches her flats, however I'd go with something a little more frame flattering, yet something that can still be worn braless.

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