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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pastels for Masculine Men.

Black, steel, greyscale, red accent, cobalt blue trim, hunter green undertones...masculinity has become so cliché. This spring season I'm really into pastels for men, and not in a overly popular pink v-neck obvious much way. It's not the pastels that are masculine, it's the pastels that highlight the masculinity in the man.

Check out these pastels I've found for masculine man...

Layers of pastels draw away the attention from a single pastel color and create an almost textured effect. By pairing pastels with an unfinished, rugged print, the pastels act as a base instead of as a standout. And besides, anything Ralph Lauren is automatically masculine, it's foolproof. 

If you want to choose one stand out pastel piece without screaming "I'm wearing pink!" - pair it with opposite colors on the spectrum in a bold tone. Extra points for adding in a masculine print to balance out the pastel solid, like the dark green plaid blazer shown above and the printed navy tie.

Don't want to try so hard? Remember, ivory and creme are considered pastels in a masculine world. Mix up basic off-white hues with a greyscale instead of going with basic denim or worse, risking a beige overload with khaki.

Guess what...light-washed denim is also considered a pastel in a man's world. Mixing a pastel color with a rough fabric can be done in a number of hues to play up masculinity. The light blue wash is traditional and crisp, and looks excellent over a pair of creme shorts or off-white linen trousers.

Over all of these prepster looks? I hear you, I hear you. Mix two pastels that are borderline ugly colors, such as a mint green on the verge of being too green and a banana yellow met mustard. Add in a pair of shoes that aren't on the color scheme and cuff your trousers. A cinch.

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