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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hottest Restaurants in Vegas; Circa, Now.

One of the best parts about going to Las Vegas is experiencing the very best of the culinary world along a 4.2 mi strip. And we're not just talking what goes into your mouth, we're talking about pure aesthetics of the scene.

Dining in Vegas is foreplay for the nightclubs. An absolute must.

Deactivate your Yelp! and stop going to STK on default like it's a Tuesday night in West Hollywood, year 2008, pre-gaming for Coco de Ville over a filet mignon and an extra filthy martini with a baker's dozen of your closest friends.

Here are the hottest restaurants in Vegas, circa now:

1. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - from Paris to the MGM, L'Atelier offers a sexy redscale backdrop, crisp champagne, caviar, and the most mouthwatering small-plated dishes. This restaurant screams sex on a black card. Sit at the bar and don't skip dessert.

2. barMASA - known for its 24-hour maximum time slot Chef Masa Takayama will allow for the finest fish from Japan's costal waters to be out of the sea and onto your plate, where the freshest seasonality meets inherent presentation. Take advantage of the restaurant's sake sommelier.

3. CUT - the finest steakhouse in all of Las Vegas by none other than Wolfgang Puck. Contemporary and energetic, CUT is bustling atmosphere with contemporary interiors and classic carnivore options prepared in contemporary form. The bone marrow flan is a favorite and custom cocktails are an absolute.

4. Sage - contemporary imagination meets Art Deco at this seasonal fare hot spot. You can't go wrong ordering like the French Aristocrats do - foie gras and creme brulee - but don't forget about your beatnik bohemian alter-ego by selecting from 10 different types of absinthe off the cart.

5. Comme Ça - a modern French brasserie brought to Vegas from Los Angeles chef David Myers, this chic restaurant is a hot spot to grab an innovative cocktail, share a seafood platter, or bite into a juicy bistro burger, complete with crisp pommes frites. Comme Ça is a great place to start the night out at.

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