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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Foulards d'Artistes.

I'm beyond creatively obsessed with Louis Vuitton's Foulards d'Artistes collection.


The Monogram Shawl by André Saraiva.

Andre Saraiva has chosen the Monogram shawl, which he revisited, drawing his inspiration from the drop cloth in his studio and the splatters of paint. Once his splashes of paint had been transposed onto the luxurious silk and wool material, the Monogram shawl was a clear choice as a natural habitat for Monsieur A, the artist's signature figure with asymmetric eyes.

The Giant Square by Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf, an eminent figure in the world of painting, sculpture and performance, describes himself as a pop-surrealist artist who focuses on surpassing the elitist boundaries of art and reviving popular culture. He has covered Louis Vuitton's giant square with a colorful collage of astronomical motifs and symbols from pop culture, with the Monogram against a hazy psychedelic background.

The Sun Giant Square by INTI

True to his name taken from the Inca sun god, INTI draws his inspiration from the ancestral Andean culture, transposing it onto enormous, highly colorful frescoes. He is revisiting Louis Vuitton's giant square with a sun motif that makes reference to the image of Viracocha, the god of the Tiwanaku culture and one of the most important divinities in the Inca pantheon. Enlivened with warm golden and orange-toned shades, the design is bordered in red and a motif of ancient symbols surrounds the Louis Vuitton signature and the Monogram.

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