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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Florally Edible This Easter.

Easter has always been one of my family's favorite holidays.

When we were little we always had the most badass Easter egg hunts and ate sour candy until our mouths turned Tom Ford rougĂ©. Now we've moved onto our modern-day Easter baskets my mother still hides for my sisters and I (Grown-Up Easter Basket Essentials) and a Glamorous Easter Brunch for 50 of our closest relatives and friends, fully stocked with delicious mimosas (The Mimosa; Deconstruction to Reconstruction), courtesy of the best bartender in the world, my father.

How was that for a little LisaPriceInc. Easter #tbt?

Anyway, for this post I was inspired by some of the most beautiful floral creations that came out this spring on the blog-o-sphere.

The best part about them? They're edible!

My sisters and I are the ultimate flower children in our family and since I am in charge of sweets and bubbles this brunch, these couldn't be more fitting to prepare.

Check out these florally edible delights that I'm going to be throwing together for this Sunday...

*For the Fresh Flower Topped Cupcake, I suggest using Ina Garten (Flower Cupcakes Recipe) - her recipe is flawless and simple and a huge crowd pleaser. I suggest this for anyone trying this out! I've been using it for years and with the not too sweet cupcake, men will be your biggest fan, just saying.

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