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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Florally Edible This Easter.

Easter has always been one of my family's favorite holidays.

When we were little we always had the most badass Easter egg hunts and ate sour candy until our mouths turned Tom Ford rougé. Now we've moved onto our modern-day Easter baskets my mother still hides for my sisters and I (Grown-Up Easter Basket Essentials) and a Glamorous Easter Brunch for 50 of our closest relatives and friends, fully stocked with delicious mimosas (The Mimosa; Deconstruction to Reconstruction), courtesy of the best bartender in the world, my father.

How was that for a little LisaPriceInc. Easter #tbt?

Anyway, for this post I was inspired by some of the most beautiful floral creations that came out this spring on the blog-o-sphere.

The best part about them? They're edible!

My sisters and I are the ultimate flower children in our family and since I am in charge of sweets and bubbles this brunch, these couldn't be more fitting to prepare.

Check out these florally edible delights that I'm going to be throwing together for this Sunday...

*For the Fresh Flower Topped Cupcake, I suggest using Ina Garten (Flower Cupcakes Recipe) - her recipe is flawless and simple and a huge crowd pleaser. I suggest this for anyone trying this out! I've been using it for years and with the not too sweet cupcake, men will be your biggest fan, just saying.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pastels for Masculine Men.

Black, steel, greyscale, red accent, cobalt blue trim, hunter green undertones...masculinity has become so cliché. This spring season I'm really into pastels for men, and not in a overly popular pink v-neck obvious much way. It's not the pastels that are masculine, it's the pastels that highlight the masculinity in the man.

Check out these pastels I've found for masculine man...

Layers of pastels draw away the attention from a single pastel color and create an almost textured effect. By pairing pastels with an unfinished, rugged print, the pastels act as a base instead of as a standout. And besides, anything Ralph Lauren is automatically masculine, it's foolproof. 

If you want to choose one stand out pastel piece without screaming "I'm wearing pink!" - pair it with opposite colors on the spectrum in a bold tone. Extra points for adding in a masculine print to balance out the pastel solid, like the dark green plaid blazer shown above and the printed navy tie.

Don't want to try so hard? Remember, ivory and creme are considered pastels in a masculine world. Mix up basic off-white hues with a greyscale instead of going with basic denim or worse, risking a beige overload with khaki.

Guess what...light-washed denim is also considered a pastel in a man's world. Mixing a pastel color with a rough fabric can be done in a number of hues to play up masculinity. The light blue wash is traditional and crisp, and looks excellent over a pair of creme shorts or off-white linen trousers.

Over all of these prepster looks? I hear you, I hear you. Mix two pastels that are borderline ugly colors, such as a mint green on the verge of being too green and a banana yellow met mustard. Add in a pair of shoes that aren't on the color scheme and cuff your trousers. A cinch.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hottest Restaurants in Vegas; Circa, Now.

One of the best parts about going to Las Vegas is experiencing the very best of the culinary world along a 4.2 mi strip. And we're not just talking what goes into your mouth, we're talking about pure aesthetics of the scene.

Dining in Vegas is foreplay for the nightclubs. An absolute must.

Deactivate your Yelp! and stop going to STK on default like it's a Tuesday night in West Hollywood, year 2008, pre-gaming for Coco de Ville over a filet mignon and an extra filthy martini with a baker's dozen of your closest friends.

Here are the hottest restaurants in Vegas, circa now:

1. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - from Paris to the MGM, L'Atelier offers a sexy redscale backdrop, crisp champagne, caviar, and the most mouthwatering small-plated dishes. This restaurant screams sex on a black card. Sit at the bar and don't skip dessert.

2. barMASA - known for its 24-hour maximum time slot Chef Masa Takayama will allow for the finest fish from Japan's costal waters to be out of the sea and onto your plate, where the freshest seasonality meets inherent presentation. Take advantage of the restaurant's sake sommelier.

3. CUT - the finest steakhouse in all of Las Vegas by none other than Wolfgang Puck. Contemporary and energetic, CUT is bustling atmosphere with contemporary interiors and classic carnivore options prepared in contemporary form. The bone marrow flan is a favorite and custom cocktails are an absolute.

4. Sage - contemporary imagination meets Art Deco at this seasonal fare hot spot. You can't go wrong ordering like the French Aristocrats do - foie gras and creme brulee - but don't forget about your beatnik bohemian alter-ego by selecting from 10 different types of absinthe off the cart.

5. Comme Ça - a modern French brasserie brought to Vegas from Los Angeles chef David Myers, this chic restaurant is a hot spot to grab an innovative cocktail, share a seafood platter, or bite into a juicy bistro burger, complete with crisp pommes frites. Comme Ça is a great place to start the night out at.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What To Shove Into Your Keepall 55 Last Minute; Vegas Edition.

So you were surprised with a last minute trip to Vegas. Totally standard, right? Here's the catch. You have only one hour to pack or you'll miss your flight.

Here's what to shove into your Keepall 55 last minute...

1. Two foldable Herve Leger bandage dresses. Nix the ones with too many embellishments, you don't want them to snag on other staples thrown together. Pick one with a wow color for night one, and you can't go wrong with a sexy L.B.D. for night two.

2. Your toiletry essentials and makeup bag.

3. One going out bag. Leave your Jumbo Flap at home, nothing larger than a medium reissue 2.55. Personally, I always bring my Alexander McQueen Knuckle Clutch with me...not only is it the size of your hand, but it comes with added nightclub protection.

4. A pair of nude pumps.

5. And a pair of black straps or cages. No, this isn't to mix it up and stay fashionable, it's because after jamming your pretty toes inside of your pointy-toed Valentino's until 4 am the night before, the last thing you're going to want to do is stick them back in that damn shoe less than 24 hours later.

6. A sober "I'd rather be shopping..." outfit for the pool.

7. A tipsy "Fill my water gun with Dom!" outfit for the pool.

8. A hungover airport outfit. Major props to Katy Perry for rocking the Chanel beach least it matches her flats, however I'd go with something a little more frame flattering, yet something that can still be worn braless.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Foulards d'Artistes.

I'm beyond creatively obsessed with Louis Vuitton's Foulards d'Artistes collection.


The Monogram Shawl by André Saraiva.

Andre Saraiva has chosen the Monogram shawl, which he revisited, drawing his inspiration from the drop cloth in his studio and the splatters of paint. Once his splashes of paint had been transposed onto the luxurious silk and wool material, the Monogram shawl was a clear choice as a natural habitat for Monsieur A, the artist's signature figure with asymmetric eyes.

The Giant Square by Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf, an eminent figure in the world of painting, sculpture and performance, describes himself as a pop-surrealist artist who focuses on surpassing the elitist boundaries of art and reviving popular culture. He has covered Louis Vuitton's giant square with a colorful collage of astronomical motifs and symbols from pop culture, with the Monogram against a hazy psychedelic background.

The Sun Giant Square by INTI

True to his name taken from the Inca sun god, INTI draws his inspiration from the ancestral Andean culture, transposing it onto enormous, highly colorful frescoes. He is revisiting Louis Vuitton's giant square with a sun motif that makes reference to the image of Viracocha, the god of the Tiwanaku culture and one of the most important divinities in the Inca pantheon. Enlivened with warm golden and orange-toned shades, the design is bordered in red and a motif of ancient symbols surrounds the Louis Vuitton signature and the Monogram.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mally Beauty by Mally Roncal.

Lets play a little game. 
What do these three looks have in common?

Look 1: High Fashion Editorial.

Look 2: Beyoncé at the Presidential Inauguration.

Look 3: New York Fashion Week, Tracy Reece.

Answer: Mally Roncal

Mally Roncal has traveled the globe touching and beautifying some of the most renowned faces in the world including A-listers such as Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Teri Hatcher, Celine Dion, Lee Ann Womack, Ashlee Simpson, Angelina Jolie, and Heidi Klum.

She has worked not only as a private makeup artist to the stars, but has also spread the foundation on the covers of magazines and contoured the pavement of the runways...puns intended.

"Makeup is simply the accessory that allows someone's true nature 
and beauty to outwardly manifest itself."
 - Mally Roncal

It is only entirely exciting that Mally Roncal worked to spread her magical touch of beauty to the public through her "gorgois" makeup collection, Mally Beauty. Not only sharing her products, but also sharing demos on how to use them properly to achieve full beauty potential.

Some of my favorite products include...

Be sure to check out Mally Beauty on YouTube for tips and tricks:

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Cinépolis.

So, Cinépolis...a chain of luxury cinemas that have forever changed the standards of movie dates. Unlike your standard Edwards, black leather (recliners) and zebra print (popcorn) are included in the stylistic atmosphere. How chic.

Now that the G.P. have caught on to this date night phenomenon, I think it's time to point out a few things you absolutely should (and absolutely shouldn't) do.

The Do's and Don'ts of Cinepolis:

1. Don't dress like a hooker. Save your cheap ill-fitted Zara dress for a different dark occasion, like next weekend when you're raiding some nasty ageist bottle popper's table for a free flute of Veuve and making it rain with $1 bills.

2. This means leaving your stripper shoes at home too. I can't tell you how many times I've seen girls on dates come into the theater wearing 6-inch stripper shoes, finding out that their seating row is the second closest to the screen, and eating sh*t down two stairs to their seat because their date is already over them and charged ahead to the seat so he didn't have to talk to her for a good 90-minutes plus.

3. Don't take pictures of your feet. That's so cute that you both listened to me and left your stripper shoes at home. I don't support your unflattering choice of Steve Madden's, but at least you got to your seat without rug burn.

4. If you have balls, don't order a cocktail in a martini glass. Especially if it's red. Not only will you end up drinking 5 of these because they're so easy to throw back, but you'll also end up leaving loaded with a pink tinted shirt. Note to himself: It's really hard to make all the liquid into your mouth when you're reclined in the dark and garnishes are floating around in your fruity cocktail.

5. Champagne, great call. Not only is champagne delicious with everything on the menu - sweet potato fries, sushi, starburst, you name it - but it's practically spill-proof and buying the bottle will save you money in the end, I promise.

6. Zebra popcorn, another great call. This is the most delicious movie treat in the entire world. It's gluten free and 0 cal right? Let's believe what we want. This, unlike a fruity man cocktail, is super easy to make into the mouth. FYI.

7. Don't hog the waiter. Yes, he may be your personal slave for the next hour and a half, but he will stop coming back after awhile and your almond milk chai latte may just show up as cold as your gelato. Be respectful and tip accordingly.

8. Don't chat up someone else's date. Your waiter will serve you a complimentary espresso martini with an arsenic froth and you will have the angry girlfriend to raise a toast to.

9. If the female is cold, buy the blanket. Yes, it's worse fleece-grade than an airplane blanket in coach, but it's warm. Watching a movie when you're freezing cold is worse than waking up in your hotel room with a tiger, and hey, you might just get to cop a feel underneath that blanket. Pervey.

10. Just don't be these people. Ever.

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