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Monday, March 3, 2014

Punk Rock Revisitation; How Very Vintage.

This morning, something came over me (probably my iced hammerhead and a rebellious feeling toward the world's case of the Mondays) and I felt so inclined as to blast my old punk rock favorites on my way to the office. We're not talking punk rock with a side of ear-effing dubstep like all of you conformers hear in the clubs and think is so new aged...we're talking Sex Pistols, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, The Ramones, and Rise Against - before all your friends liked them too.

Anyway, point being, this punk rock revisitation was very necessary and how very vintage.

Except for the fact that as I looked down at my Balmain leather studded jacket, I found that this revisitation was a typical Mon/Wed/Fri thing through my wardrobe.

Punk rock is still very cool off the runways...and you don't have to be crazy edgy to pull it off, although it certainly helps aesthetically.

Check out some of my favorite "punk rock" staples that shouldn't ever fall out like Fall Out Boy:

1. Balmain casual edge.

2. Rocker sparkle from Prada and Chanel.

3. Vivienne Westwood ready-to-wear grunge.

4. Alexander McQueen leather and skulls.

5. Studded leather in general.

6. Chanel accent piece.

7. Tom Ford cut-outs.

8. Sheer panel leggings.

9. Punk couture accents.

10. The right amount of oversize.

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