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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday's Basic Betch; The Side Braid.

Side braids used to be reserved for the Plain Jane, but not anymore. There are tons of way to revamp this basic betch into something voluminous, dramatically bohemian, edgy, whimsical, and well...anything but basic.

Here's your inspiration & techniques:

1. If you have lots of length, you're in luck, all you have to do is divide your hair into three pieces and braid away towards one side. If you're not so lucky in the length department, clip in a couple extensions and tease at the top to create volume and "built-in" layers. Extensions will be completely unnoticeable.

2. Piece out hairs to frame the face. This happens naturally with a loose braid and layers, so don't try too hard or you could end up with an aggressive mess going on in the frontal regions.

3. A polished swept-in braid like the one shown above is perfect for fine hair with little wave. Always remember to braid away from the face, whisps will occur naturally so don't pull out too much hair from the braid ahead of time.

4. Texturize your hair with a DIY salt solution or Bumble and bumble. surf spray. This will not only create a beachy bohemian vibe, but the added texture will keep the braid in place better.

5. Tease the crown of your head for top-heavy volume. The weight of a super long braid will tug down at the top making a flat head so chic. By teasing the crown, you'll keep tiara ready.

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