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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bedhead Bacon Breakfasts for Boyfriends.

There's something about breakfast that make boyfriends so much cuter, especially when they're total sleepyheads. You may not consider yourself a morning person, but I promise you will be after making your bedheaded boyfriend one of these quick and easy breakfasts that I've found below.

Turn off the Vitamix and put away the ground flax, these are hearty and savory and just what he deserves - all 4 ingredients, give or take a couple dashes of seasonings and barely any prep! Just throw it together, turn on the coffee pot, and hop back into bed while you wait for the timer to go off.

Here's the way to his heart:

Prep Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 35 mins
Ingredients: 4 + salt & pepper

Prep Time: 55 mins
Total Time: 1 h 10 mins
Ingredients: 4 + a bottle of beer

Prep Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 50 mins
Ingredients: 4 + bacon & maple syrup

Prep Time: 5 mins
Total Time: 35 mins
Ingredients: 4 + kosher salt & dijon mustard

Prep Time: 0 mins
Total Time: 2 hs
Ingredients: 4 + chives & applewood-smoked bacon & seasonings

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