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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All Day Consistency; Baller Edition.

The basketball look is straight up cool. Just ask Kobe. 

We're not just talking high tops and beanies, we're taking it all the way around the world here, home-court advantage...dribble on. No worries if all you're doing is constantly jumping and hustling for rebounds, I'll show you how to look like you're the queen of the Baby Hook.

Whether you're sitting courtside at Knicks game or are simply trying to go for a new look that's fresh and sporty, looking like a baller is straight up fly, and not in the poser bottle service way.

Battle for position and beat the defender, here's how to bring the house down...

1. Oversized jerseys and basketball tees are key. Best to rock with a pair of distressed denim skinnies or black leather leggings. Balance out the top with tight bottoms, but don't get Basketball Wife "hoochie" with a tight skirt or no skirt...this is not swag, it's just sad.

2. High tops are a must. Extra points for thinking outside of the court and finding a really cool pair of vintage Nike Dunks. You can still wear your Isabels, but make sure they aren't too basic. Stay away from celebrity endorsed olympic branding and tropical fish court kicks...way hardcore. 

3. I know, I know, you aren't expecting me to say this, but basketball bling is a little much. The Lakers championship rings are huge, I get it, but are you a Lakers player or the girlfriend of one? If your answer is no, let that be the same answer towards the bling ring.

4. A wide-brimmed baseball hat is cool, but a beanie is even cooler. You're not at a baseball game, so don't pull the brim way down low...batter batter no go. Keep it up or pushed to the side. Beanies are best worn loose, remember you're not a robber, back to beanie 101 rules.

5. Accessorize to a minimum, but efficiently...hoop earrings are cool, but don't do hoops and a gold chain necklace. Simple blacked out Ray-Bans are the perfect way to go incognito, keep it simple and don't wear any shades or wide rim glasses with bling.

Anything Jay Z wears is a Yes.

But, channel Beyoncé's attitude.

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