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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Guy's Guide To The Beanie.

Just as I think everything looks better in black, I am also under the impression that all guys look better in a beanie. It's this weird phenomenon that I started realizing was true, long before Americans started to believe in the Coven...only after American Horror Story. Groupies.

Anyway, back to black. I mean...beanies.

They're super hot and can be pulled off by any guy. I don't care if you're a boring business man, I had plenty of boring business men boyfriends in the past that I put beanies on and they instantly looked so much hotter and less boring.

Ingredients: jeans (the darker the wash the better), a shirt (v-neck, band tee, a hipster tank), a leather jacket (optional, but optimal), cool kicks (no flips), and the right attitude.

Now, here's the tips...

1. Facial hair is the beanie's best accessory. 

2. Unless you're Johnny Depp. In which case, you'll have multiple accessories...the best of them being your blank canvas.

3. If you're a pretty boy and can't manage to grow any scruff or chest hair, don't stress. Just make sure you smell really good.

4. As Regina George says, "your hair looks so sexy pushed back." There's a time and a place and a boy band for hair styled and pushed up. Keep it sexy and simple and push it back.

5. Jared Padalecki is probably the only relevant guy who looks good with all of his hair on top pushed back into his beanie. This "pushed back to the extreme look" only works if the hair is long enough to come out of the bottom.

6. Homework: Justin Bobby. A man so great, he needed two names.

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