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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Situations; How to Dress for a Wednesday Night Dinner Date.

The Wednesday night dinner date is probably my favorite. It's not too early in the week, and it's not too late. Chances are you're probably very much ready for a cocktail or a glass of vino, and lucky you, no hectic weekend crowding of amateurs...

Dressing for the Wednesday night dinner date requires some thought, but not very much effort. It's pretty much a walk in the chicly lit urban park.

Here's how to dress for a Wednesday night dinner date according to situation:

Situation 1: First date.

Firsts require the 3 F's - fun, flirty, and feminine. You're not being taken out on a first date to dress up like a trendy and modishly chic the menswear look is vibing right now. Hair down, heels on, but not too aggressively high of course. Absolutely love the idea of a bright bold leather jacket. Take note.

Situation 2: Wine night with your best friend.

Loving this look Olivia Palermo's rocking. White silky button up, sparkly blazer, cuffed distressed light wash skinnies, a cross-body, and casual statement pumps. It's your best friend and Wednesday night, totally ok to rock your hair pulled back. She's not judging...and neither is Wednesday.

Situation 3: Catching up on the day with your longtermer.

Miranda Kerr is the perfect example of what to wear to keep him. Just search her name on Pinterest and you'll see sexy, put together looks, that no man can resist. She keeps her pieces simple, and flawlessly polished. Her make up is basic, but still made up. I hope that you don't take it wrong, but you don't really believe that "sweat pants, hair-tied, chilling with no make-up on" is when you're the prettiest, do you? Drake is a liar. 

Situation 4: Girls night.

Now is the night to try out your very best manrepeller looks. That crazy embellished turban you found off of Etsy, totally uncomfortable clunky wedges that are all the rave in Berlin, avant garde lipstick, you name it. Work out the kinks on Wednesday, your girls are your biggest fans and toughest critics. 

Situation 5: Double dating with your boy's best friend's sl*t you hate.

At this point, who even cares if it's Wednesday. The hooker is going down, and you're going to achieve this in a L.B.D. (like you really wore that to the office...) and f*ck me pumps. Don't forget to stop by Drybar on your way to dinner, a killer blow out and a complimentary glass of bubbles is necessary pre-gaming.

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