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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Really Cool Things You Totally Don't Need, But Should Get.

You know those days when you are just so tuned out to reality and want nothing to do with practicality and "wise ideas"? Welcome to my life, 24/7.

As my friend was iMessaging me inspiration pictures of West African tribal make up designs for our next themed outing, I stumbled upon a bunch of really cool things that you totally don't need, but should get.

It's funny how my browser magically opens to Barneys during times of creative rehabilitation. It's like an expensive therapist who is available day and night, on click at that.

Back to the really cool things you don't need, yeah yeah, you have no idea what you'd wear with a**. I can tell you 27 different occasions and ways to style it in 2 minutes. No more excuses!

Check it, 5 things:



1. Saint Laurent Bow Ties. 
Pair with: slim cropped high-waisted trouser, a silky button down, and a black tuxedo blazer.

2. A Crown Cap Fedora.
Pair with: your inner jockey, all white, super tailored.

3. Golden Goose High-Tops.
Pair with: distressed Balmain-esque denim shorts, a loosey goosey tank, and a statement pendant.

4. A Funky Crossbody.
Pair with: white distressed skinnies, a basic Vince tee, and really blacked out aviators.

5. Pointed Pumps.
Pair with: minimally cuffed skinny crops, a loose button up halfway tucked in, and an aggressive belt.

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