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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Gentleman's Guide to Shoes.

Derby ponies, loser loafers, oxford snob, chelsea as in Le Bain on the top of the Standard, wing tip q-tip, monk strap jock strap, brogue rhymes with Vogue, barren desert, motor boat...English please???

If I can't keep up with the classification of a gentleman's shoes, how in the world is the male population supposed to? So many straps and laces, I feel like we're sailing an Oyster 885 in a straightjacket.

This is all you need to know...


1. The everyday, boring and bland work shoe. Typically lace-up, all one color, leather with a simple toe. This you wear to your white collar 9 to 5 and its totally acceptable to wear out to happy hour or a 4-star dinner date later on. These shoes make you seem level headed with a decent amount in your checking account, no judgment other than acceptance will be passed.


2. The casual, cool shoe. This pair you would wear to a rustic restaurant outing with friends (verging more so on trendy over hole in the wall), ordering bone marrow appetizers off the menu and craft cocktails. A bourbon mule is your drink of choice and you can totally get away with wearing flannel from Barney's or a cool army green cargo jacket, not to be confused with khaki.

3. The "going out" sneaker. Generally overpriced, these are a step up from your Dukes. Wear them with black slim-fit pants, a v-neck, and a black leather jacket. Extra points for throwing on a loose beanie and a substantial watch.

4. The thriftier "going out" sneaker. Creative Recreation makes great kicks that I'm a huge fan of for guys. Priced well and with lots of variation, you can't go wrong with any of them. CR has a really cool Cesario in shiny black and distressed white soles...dig it. Same concept applies as above, although these are more versatile for daytime use too.

5. The dress shoe. You know it's dressy if it's patent. Lace-up with a lower ankle is a dead giveaway that dress socks are absolutely imperative. Stay away from wing-tip dress shoes unless you're trying to make a noticeable statement, in that case...go for it.

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