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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chocolates and the City; A San Diego Affair.

Single, in a relationship, it's complicated? If you're like me, whatever your "status" may be, your affair with chocolate is always ongoing. I've found that there are appropriate chocolates all around the city for any relationship you may be in, and what better time to indulge than this Friday.

I've scouted the best chocolates in the city, check them out...

Single: Yes, Godiva did make such a thing for single girls all around the world. Godiva's Ice Cream Parlor Truffles are absolute bliss from a carton, and don't require a spoon. Choose from flavors like Hazelnut Gelato, Pecan Caramel Sundae, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

In a relationship: What better time to up the aphrodisiacs? I'm loving Chuao's Aphrodisiac Bonbon collection, "a drool-worthy assortment of luscious caramels, infused with tempting treats and bedded in decadent chocolate." That's hot.

Engaged: If you haven't had the Nordstrom truffles, you haven't lived. They're rich and giant and so delicious that you totally don't even mind sharing...a box. My favorite is the champagne truffle, naturally, oh and the dark chocolate sea salt truffle, a classic.

Married: Nothing says commitment and "I know you so well, honey..." as a box of customized chocolates from Dallmann Confections. It takes true knowledge of the significant other to put together such a luxurious box. The secret is, every single chocolate from Dallmann's is delicious and any woman's favorite - well done!

It's complicated: It's complicated? Really? Well, then you better go out for chocolate and see what the hell you both like. Eclipse Chocolate is an adorable bistro and bar located off Fern Street in San Diego. Oh, and they have amazing vegan chocolates too...hint hint.

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