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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Totally Unnecessary; Dig It, Sweetly.

Like random Monday holidays, some of life's greatest pleasures are the unnecessary. As MLK Jr. states, "Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness." That is why I've found a few deliciously sweet unnecessary pleasures to totally dig into this week.

Check it...

1. The Grilled Doughnuts recipe on Better Homes and Gardens dot com is to die for and super easy to execute. It's been a hot couple weeks since your new years resolutions were set into place, why not cheat on this delicacy dipped in strawberry basil and mint julep accoutrements.

2. Stop and smell the roses with this sparkling limited edition floral candle by Diptyque. Rosa Mundi is elegant and refined and perfectly cozy for any nightstand or coffee table. If you're familiar with the Diptyque candles, you know that your pretty pennies spent for a special scent is well worth it, and if not, it's time to get acquainted, dear reader.

3. There is nothing fresher than a brand new Chloé on pre-order. I absolutely love the latest Clare Medium Python Shoulder Bag, expected delivery in March. It's the perfect length dropped from the shoulder and python never fails to leave a slithery edge lingering.

4. Sharon Khazzam's Multi-Gemstone Norma Earring is one that leaves me drooling. Reflecting the perfect amount of light off the angularly mismatched cut gemstones, these pastel jewels are sweeter than rock candy. Khazzam's earrings come in a set, but I personally love the look of one individual Norma earring matched with a stud or full-length ear cuff on the other side. The stones of Norma are perfect to play with and pair with any style.

Sprinkled Bark Cake

5. I found this cake on pinterest and can't wait to make it for an upcoming birthday. No strict recipe needed, just grab a box your favorite cake mix (funfetti is my pick), adhere to the 3-step directions, cool and frost with a yummy icing - making sure that your layer is thick enough to support the weight of the bark. Totally mosaic. 

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