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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Fold a Herve Leger.

Although they may look virtually indestructible, Herve Leger bandage dresses are not as tough as they appear. The beloved bandage's favorite feature is that it conforms to your body and builds a personal structure entirely around your body's dimensions. That being said...have you ever thought about what happens after a night out in Vegas when it's turned inside out, crumbled into a little ball, and shoved deep down in the bottom corner of your Louis for the return flight home? The conforming powers of the Herve Leger haven't been put on pause...they're currently molding your power dress into a used kleenex.

Folding your H.L. properly is as important as vowing never to commit one of the dreaded Herve Leger Bandage Dress Crimes. Unless you're garment bag savvy, you better dedicate yourself to nailing down these simple steps to folding your bandages correctly so they don't end up looking like gnarly wounds. Gross.

How to Fold a Herve Leger:

1. Make sure that all zippers are zipped. Bandage snags, believe it or not.

2. Lay the dress down flat, frontside up.

3. Imagine a perfect rectangle. If the dress has any sleeves or is of the a-line structure, fold in the pieces so that none of the edges are sticking out. You want everything to be symmetric. 

4. Fold the dress like you would a piece of paper to stick in an envelope, bottom hem to middle, top over the fold.

5. Your envelope is your suitcase.

Sidenote: The above applies to all Herve Leger swimwear as well.

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