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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Execute a Safari Theme.

Meryl Streep, Out of Africa

Some days, when I don't feel like dressing in my go-to (all black and at least one aggressive leather piece) or like a hippie (I do this sometimes when I feel one with my zen and don't want to brush my hair), I like to be a Safari Theme.

What is a "Safari Theme," you ask?

Ah, let me break it down for you, dear reader.

Ideal Color Scheme

Safari Theme (səˈfärē/ /THēm/); a type of animalistically calm, yet powerful, alter ego that can be portrayed through a way of dressing on a random Tuesday to entertain and to bring attention to oneself. A safari theme must only be tried by the daring, and looking good in khaki is a plus.

Here's how to execute a safari theme...

British Colonial (Yes)

1. Khaki is a must. 

Frigid Couture (No)

2. We're talking "British Colonial" not "Frigid Couture.

Silk Incorporation

3. A piece of silk is great to incorporate.

Sheer Linen

4. Although not appropriate for the work environment, sheer linen pants are hot.

Adventurer Approach

5. To take more of an "adventurer approach," see above.

Leather Boots

6. High leather structured boots are an absolute must.

Louis Vuitton

7. Clearly, so is Louis Vuitton.

Safari Man

8. Extra points for a man to play safari theme with you.

Robert Redford, Out of Africa

9. You win the game if he looks like Robert Redford.

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