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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back to Basics.

Eccentricity is key, but January is a time to revert back to basics. With all the glitz of the New Year, whether you shined like a diamond at the hottest hot spot or watched the ball drop in Times Square from your loft...on your flatscreen...I bet you're ready to take the chaos down a notch and breath.

Here are a few basics to revisit that are not at all bland...

1. Juice of one kind. Enough of the "skinny/beauty/detox juice" with a million complicated ingredients! Quite frankly, my Vitamix has had it up to the brim...literally. Since when did we decide to get so creative with our juicing? Try waking up and juicing one veggie (or fruit). Beet juice, kale juice, carrot juice. It's pure and it's fast.

2. A workout you love. Sick to death of running on that damn treddy bear mile after mile? So over sweating with a thousand people in a 75 min Bikram yoga class that might as well be a choreographed sweat lodge? You no longer have to worry about fitting into your holiday dresses, your next deadline is Spring Break. Find a work out that you love and one that inspires'll stick to it and that darling, is fail-proof. 

3. Hair au naturel. Wash out that product and let your mane air dry. Nothing is more damaging to your ends than the cold, crisp winter weather. Enough with last year's ombré, unless you're lazily growing out your color, and why process every 6 weeks when we don't even have grey yet? Get back to natural and let your hair do its thing, it deserves a break after the holidays.

4. Coffee dates. What better way to get to know someone? I personally love an old fashioned coffee date. I can talk to a wall as long as I have my grande americano to back me up. I don't have to worry about getting ahi tartare stuck in my teeth, and I don't have to wonder if I actually liked the guy or if it was the bottle of wine I liked more during dinner. 

5. Your comfiest denim. Goodbye patterned tights that snag, and it's time to tame the aggressive leather pants for the weekday. Dig out your favorite pairs of denim and wear them on the rotation. Distressed or not, denim is the American dream, whether I personally like to admit it or not. Pair with a loosey goosey tee and/or a structured blazer or badass bomber.

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