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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anna Pellissari; Merging Art and Fashion to Exotic Locations.

SBTRKT - "Wildfire"

Sometimes I get these crazy days when I'm in the office after lunch (usually with spiked blood sugar from a "Green Tropical" juice from Whole Foods) being completely savage and I can't even handle myself. My hair is bed head mixed with mid-day unruliness and I'm doing meditative handstand inversions against my office wall, all while at least 10 windows are open on my computer checking and comparing flights to India vs. Congo...for this afternoon.

Trying to be a little less aggressive, I come back to a seated position and think perhaps a little retail therapy may do the trick...and hopefully save me money that I'm about to spend on a last minute flight to somewhere that I definitely need a tour guide and a concealed gun permit. The other day, I came across Anna Pellissari and fell in love with a new distraction.

Anna Pellissari is my new favorite jewelry designer. Merging art and fashion (the two passions fueling my life on earth) to exotic locations, Anna Pellissari creates a bold line that isn't to be worn by the tame. Exotic and organically raw, her jewels and rustic material creations are stand out pieces inspired by travel, in particularly the rich landscapes of Brazil-Lush jungles.

The Anna Pellissari line is strikingly exotic and completely taps into the edgy bohemian side of adventure that I crave for every day. Check out some of my favorite pieces...

Sidenote: Not to be sold to those afraid of adventure. I'm really obsessed with the cuffs and kinda think that getting a really cool henna arm band would compliment them perfectly...with raw diamond arm is the new Japanese nail art, dig it.

Anna Pellissari is available online at:

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