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Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Undercover Douchey Guys to Avoid at All Costs.

I feel like douchebag is the new baller and it's trending like mad. Don't succumb yourself to undercover douches. They're sneakier than ever and creeping up in places you wouldn't even think of.

10 Undercover Douchey Guys to Avoid at All Costs:

1. The guy who wears a suit out in the night club when his day job doesn't require wearing one. You b*tches let the cat out of the bag when you decided to publicize that a man in a business suit is prime feeding to prowl on. Because of you not so silent predators, men caught on and now know to wear a suit in order to get girls. Some of these suits you've been sniffing around are only being brought out after the end of the work day...and the tag probably says Zara, not Brioni. 

2. The guy who leaves the office to take the noon hot yoga class. He's most definitely in a relationship. A normal single guy will come in to take an early vinyasa flow post-surf session or after work to scope out all of the PM Lululemon booties down doggin' it. The ones in the relationship sneak out of their office looking for an affair...then they're home come dinner time.

3. The guy in front of you in line at your local juice bar who 'creates his own' with too much detail. Remember that scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson is eating at the nasty vegan restaurant (pre-burrito in the back) with dreamy McConaughey and goes, "My boyfriend thinks I'm fat..."? True story. This guy is a walking pro-ana website and probably creates eating disorders around the table. If he's that picky with his juice, you don't want to imagine how picky he is with his arm candy.

4. The guy who walks around in a team jersey or warm-up when it's not game day...and he's not apart of the team. There are two offenders to this category: 1. the athletic guy who likes to pretend he is one of the players, and 2. the just plain white guy who plays more game on the TV than on the field. Both are a weak link. Don't lose the game.

5. The guy who wears sunglasses walking into the sports club. I'm sorry, but are you blind? Be a normal person and take your sunglasses off inside of your car, run across the parking lot avoiding getting hit because you're squinting all the way to the entrance, and go work out. Guys who walk into the gym with their shades on like their Slim Shady slimmin' it on the treadmill need to be revoked membership.

6. The guy buying flowers for his 'parent's anniversary' at the grocery store. Oh, is that a bottle of Dom he's buying for his parents too? How sweet. Don't fall for it. Guys have a hard enough time remembering their own anniversary, let alone their parent's.

7. The guy who shoots out nicknames like "boss" and "champ." Unless he's calling you a boss in the bedroom, I wouldn't be down with it. Men don't even call their own boss, "boss," let alone the waiter handing over the check at the restaurant you're dining at. Homie needs a vocab check, stat.

8. The guy who brags about not having cable. Ok yeah, that's cool. Too busy for cable, too intelligent for cable...likes to read. Go ahead and save your money you cheapskate. I'm not forcing you to sit down and watch The Bachelor with me every Monday night for the rest of your life, but don't make the rest of us feel bad for watching Orange is the New Black.

9. Three words: The Selfie King. That's so cute that you send out play by play pictures throughout your day. Morning cuddles with your dog, adorbs. Lunch with your mom, quite the family man. Pre-gym selfie in the, stop. The guy who sends out selfies all day: A. can't be that productive, and B. usually is a repeat selfie offender...meaning you're probably in a mass bigger than his iPhone's cloud contents.

10. The guy who asks you out via text and signs his text message with, "Cheers." First of all, I don't have a drink in my hand and secondly, a pair of Louboutins says you've never even been to England.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Execute a Safari Theme.

Meryl Streep, Out of Africa

Some days, when I don't feel like dressing in my go-to (all black and at least one aggressive leather piece) or like a hippie (I do this sometimes when I feel one with my zen and don't want to brush my hair), I like to be a Safari Theme.

What is a "Safari Theme," you ask?

Ah, let me break it down for you, dear reader.

Ideal Color Scheme

Safari Theme (səˈfärē/ /THēm/); a type of animalistically calm, yet powerful, alter ego that can be portrayed through a way of dressing on a random Tuesday to entertain and to bring attention to oneself. A safari theme must only be tried by the daring, and looking good in khaki is a plus.

Here's how to execute a safari theme...

British Colonial (Yes)

1. Khaki is a must. 

Frigid Couture (No)

2. We're talking "British Colonial" not "Frigid Couture.

Silk Incorporation

3. A piece of silk is great to incorporate.

Sheer Linen

4. Although not appropriate for the work environment, sheer linen pants are hot.

Adventurer Approach

5. To take more of an "adventurer approach," see above.

Leather Boots

6. High leather structured boots are an absolute must.

Louis Vuitton

7. Clearly, so is Louis Vuitton.

Safari Man

8. Extra points for a man to play safari theme with you.

Robert Redford, Out of Africa

9. You win the game if he looks like Robert Redford.

Monday, January 27, 2014

TheFitExpo with officialfit_price.

Yesterday, I went to TheFitExpo Southern California with my sister and let me tell you, was it ever an experience. We woke up early and instead of doing our Sunday morning barre class, Beaming smoothie, and Torrey Pines hike routine, we booked it up to LA to get "fitspired."

Prior to yesterday morning, I had no idea what a "Fit Expo" even was. I eat raw foods and drink a lot of green juice, I do hot yoga and play Million Dollar Baby with my boxing trainer, you know...the usual. I'm super into I thought.

My sister totally opened my eyes to a whole new playground. This was where the big kids play. And when I say big, I'm talking biceps.

Here's what I learned during my first day of fit school...

TheFitExpo is basically Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the fit. There are models and there are critics. Except the models look like Alicia Marie (Exhibit A) and eat models like Naomi Campbell (Exhibit B) for breakfast.

Exhibit A:

Alicia Marie

Exhibit B:

Naomi Campbell

There were tons of shows to see - from body building with Thor and the Incredible Hulk to martial arts with Tito Ortiz - and it was actually really entertaining. Think Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013, not Mulberry RTW. 

Plenty of nourishment was offered. Instead of Fashion Week's diet of champagne and a cube of cheese...only when feeling faint...the latest and greatest protein drinks and energy bars were making a debut. Talk about feeling fueled

My sister and I were drinking so many pre-workout shots that it felt like Spring Break circa 2008 in Cabo. And surprisingly, so many of the nutrition products were 100% vegan and gluten free!

Food for thought...a few of my favorite bites and sips...

Lenny and Larry's: The Complete Cookie

Svelte: Organic Cappuccino

Betty Lou's: Just Great Stuff Bar

All in all, it was a really fun day spent with the fittest and I can't wait to work on my Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014, Miami body. 

To get motivated, you should follow my prime source of motivation, Lindsay Price - dancer, NFL cheerleader, and sister sister @officialfit_price

She's a beast in a bikini.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

White is the New White?

Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture, Chanel

Never in my life have I wanted a closet full of white so much. I mean, the tone is pretty much set when Cara comes skipping down the stairs...she's almost smiling. That's how good this collection is. No words. Just watch.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Totally Unnecessary; Dig It, Sweetly.

Like random Monday holidays, some of life's greatest pleasures are the unnecessary. As MLK Jr. states, "Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness." That is why I've found a few deliciously sweet unnecessary pleasures to totally dig into this week.

Check it...

1. The Grilled Doughnuts recipe on Better Homes and Gardens dot com is to die for and super easy to execute. It's been a hot couple weeks since your new years resolutions were set into place, why not cheat on this delicacy dipped in strawberry basil and mint julep accoutrements.

2. Stop and smell the roses with this sparkling limited edition floral candle by Diptyque. Rosa Mundi is elegant and refined and perfectly cozy for any nightstand or coffee table. If you're familiar with the Diptyque candles, you know that your pretty pennies spent for a special scent is well worth it, and if not, it's time to get acquainted, dear reader.

3. There is nothing fresher than a brand new Chloé on pre-order. I absolutely love the latest Clare Medium Python Shoulder Bag, expected delivery in March. It's the perfect length dropped from the shoulder and python never fails to leave a slithery edge lingering.

4. Sharon Khazzam's Multi-Gemstone Norma Earring is one that leaves me drooling. Reflecting the perfect amount of light off the angularly mismatched cut gemstones, these pastel jewels are sweeter than rock candy. Khazzam's earrings come in a set, but I personally love the look of one individual Norma earring matched with a stud or full-length ear cuff on the other side. The stones of Norma are perfect to play with and pair with any style.

Sprinkled Bark Cake

5. I found this cake on pinterest and can't wait to make it for an upcoming birthday. No strict recipe needed, just grab a box your favorite cake mix (funfetti is my pick), adhere to the 3-step directions, cool and frost with a yummy icing - making sure that your layer is thick enough to support the weight of the bark. Totally mosaic. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anna Pellissari; Merging Art and Fashion to Exotic Locations.

SBTRKT - "Wildfire"

Sometimes I get these crazy days when I'm in the office after lunch (usually with spiked blood sugar from a "Green Tropical" juice from Whole Foods) being completely savage and I can't even handle myself. My hair is bed head mixed with mid-day unruliness and I'm doing meditative handstand inversions against my office wall, all while at least 10 windows are open on my computer checking and comparing flights to India vs. Congo...for this afternoon.

Trying to be a little less aggressive, I come back to a seated position and think perhaps a little retail therapy may do the trick...and hopefully save me money that I'm about to spend on a last minute flight to somewhere that I definitely need a tour guide and a concealed gun permit. The other day, I came across Anna Pellissari and fell in love with a new distraction.

Anna Pellissari is my new favorite jewelry designer. Merging art and fashion (the two passions fueling my life on earth) to exotic locations, Anna Pellissari creates a bold line that isn't to be worn by the tame. Exotic and organically raw, her jewels and rustic material creations are stand out pieces inspired by travel, in particularly the rich landscapes of Brazil-Lush jungles.

The Anna Pellissari line is strikingly exotic and completely taps into the edgy bohemian side of adventure that I crave for every day. Check out some of my favorite pieces...

Sidenote: Not to be sold to those afraid of adventure. I'm really obsessed with the cuffs and kinda think that getting a really cool henna arm band would compliment them perfectly...with raw diamond arm is the new Japanese nail art, dig it.

Anna Pellissari is available online at:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back to Basics.

Eccentricity is key, but January is a time to revert back to basics. With all the glitz of the New Year, whether you shined like a diamond at the hottest hot spot or watched the ball drop in Times Square from your loft...on your flatscreen...I bet you're ready to take the chaos down a notch and breath.

Here are a few basics to revisit that are not at all bland...

1. Juice of one kind. Enough of the "skinny/beauty/detox juice" with a million complicated ingredients! Quite frankly, my Vitamix has had it up to the brim...literally. Since when did we decide to get so creative with our juicing? Try waking up and juicing one veggie (or fruit). Beet juice, kale juice, carrot juice. It's pure and it's fast.

2. A workout you love. Sick to death of running on that damn treddy bear mile after mile? So over sweating with a thousand people in a 75 min Bikram yoga class that might as well be a choreographed sweat lodge? You no longer have to worry about fitting into your holiday dresses, your next deadline is Spring Break. Find a work out that you love and one that inspires'll stick to it and that darling, is fail-proof. 

3. Hair au naturel. Wash out that product and let your mane air dry. Nothing is more damaging to your ends than the cold, crisp winter weather. Enough with last year's ombré, unless you're lazily growing out your color, and why process every 6 weeks when we don't even have grey yet? Get back to natural and let your hair do its thing, it deserves a break after the holidays.

4. Coffee dates. What better way to get to know someone? I personally love an old fashioned coffee date. I can talk to a wall as long as I have my grande americano to back me up. I don't have to worry about getting ahi tartare stuck in my teeth, and I don't have to wonder if I actually liked the guy or if it was the bottle of wine I liked more during dinner. 

5. Your comfiest denim. Goodbye patterned tights that snag, and it's time to tame the aggressive leather pants for the weekday. Dig out your favorite pairs of denim and wear them on the rotation. Distressed or not, denim is the American dream, whether I personally like to admit it or not. Pair with a loosey goosey tee and/or a structured blazer or badass bomber.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Fold a Herve Leger.

Although they may look virtually indestructible, Herve Leger bandage dresses are not as tough as they appear. The beloved bandage's favorite feature is that it conforms to your body and builds a personal structure entirely around your body's dimensions. That being said...have you ever thought about what happens after a night out in Vegas when it's turned inside out, crumbled into a little ball, and shoved deep down in the bottom corner of your Louis for the return flight home? The conforming powers of the Herve Leger haven't been put on pause...they're currently molding your power dress into a used kleenex.

Folding your H.L. properly is as important as vowing never to commit one of the dreaded Herve Leger Bandage Dress Crimes. Unless you're garment bag savvy, you better dedicate yourself to nailing down these simple steps to folding your bandages correctly so they don't end up looking like gnarly wounds. Gross.

How to Fold a Herve Leger:

1. Make sure that all zippers are zipped. Bandage snags, believe it or not.

2. Lay the dress down flat, frontside up.

3. Imagine a perfect rectangle. If the dress has any sleeves or is of the a-line structure, fold in the pieces so that none of the edges are sticking out. You want everything to be symmetric. 

4. Fold the dress like you would a piece of paper to stick in an envelope, bottom hem to middle, top over the fold.

5. Your envelope is your suitcase.

Sidenote: The above applies to all Herve Leger swimwear as well.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cheers to 2014, Dear Readers.

It's 2014; the official new start to a year of possibilities and accomplishments

Perhaps you aggressively started your resolutions for the new year on January 1st with a green juice and a run outdoors, or maybe you decided that the 2nd would provide a better your body time for the champagne to leave your blood stream, while your friend's homemade Venezuelan food sopped up Nobu's "specialty drink" you thought was absolutely necessary to have three too many of while ringing in the new year.

A very wise friend of mine also said, "No successful diet ever starts on a Thursday." So maybe, just maybe, you waited until today - Monday - to kick into your new years intentions.

In any event, I wish you the very best at tackling your dreams this year, and hope that you find the happiness and wealth you seek. Wealth with regards to prosperity and quality of life, not the wealth of a new husband that can fund your shoe habit and trips abroad...although, that's cool too.

I gladly bid adieu to 2013, a sh*tshow year with so much growth that along with the growing pains, I'm surprised I've lived to tell the story without totally un-chic, circa Kelly Osborne, grey hair poking out from underneath my turban as I compose this. 

This year I've joined PETA and become 100% vegan. All it takes is a $16 donation, which Dear God of Red Soles, I hope I didn't accidentally check the loop auto payment for daily. Oh, and not to worry, I will still be buying handmade Italian leather shoes and the occasional (faux) fur statement piece...I am 100% committed to helping the economy in 2014.

I bought a membership to Barry's Bootcamp and ordered pink boxing gloves and wraps to accessorize my latest hobby I signed up for at The Boxing Club. Move over Swank, in the no-so words of Carly Rae Jepsen, just call me Million Dollar Baby.

I've vowed to try one new thing a day...which isn't difficult when you're experimenting with "cooking" raw, plant-based food...and to be positive...which again, is super easy with all these endorphins exploding in my brain after my new work out addictions.

I've given up vodka and texting my ex. Little did I know, these two would go hand in hand.

Lastly, I'm determined to make 2014 the most entertaining year yet. Brace yourself, dear readers. It's you that I'll be reporting back to.



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