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Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the Season; Christmas Presents for the Unexpected.

It's a week before Christmas and you're completely caught off guard at your desk with a super thoughtful Christmas present that you absolutely love from a coworker that you A. don't even go on Starbucks breaks with, and B. you totally thought she was Jewish???

C. I bet you wished you were prepared.

Well 'tis the season, dear reader, for those unexpected and more embarrassing than a White Elephant gift exchanges that you may encounter over the next week or so. It's time to get your sh*t together and pretend that you are the best Santa's little elf ever with these gifts to have on hand for the generous givers that deserve to be gifted back.

We're not talking a cliché holiday gift card or peppermint bark that screams re-gifted central, we're talking thoughtfully chic gifts that in the case of ending up with leftovers, you can happily stuff in your own stocking.

Check these options out...

1. During the holiday season, a blowout is a betch's best friend. Book it to Drybar and pick up a stack of cards. What a shame if you don't end up handing them all out...2014 will be the year of the amazing blown out hair for you!

2. Pick up a case (or few) of the newest and hottest champagne on the market - Magnifico Giornata. Not only does the unique essences make a special gift, but the gold bottle is so festive. Two great things about this gift option; 1. Depending on the unexpected gift giver's present, you can decide if you want to gift back one bottle or a trio set, 2. Leftover bubbles...enough said.

3. F your Godiva, the name you need to know when it comes to chocolate is Chuao. Order anything off the Chuao Chocolatier Gift Guide online and have it sent straight to your office...dangerous, I know...but, it's better than going into Chuao Chocolatier starving after your Pilates instructor killed you in a solo session on the reformer.

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