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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Holiday to Remember.

It's the Eve before Christmas Eve and I hope you have made the most out of this holiday season, dear reader...managing to start the party early with your Jewish friends, having way too many SPMs (skinny peppermint mochas), watching The Holiday and Love Actually on rotation every day of December, buying one too many new Valentino red dresses to match the festive cranberry skewer dipped in your martini, and hopefully snagging a good make out or few underneath the mistletoe.

If you haven't gone shopping for your significant other yet, I suggest you get on it should you want to keep him or her as your New Years Eve date. Speaking of new years, lets go back to the old years and revist the Ghosts of LisaPriceInc.'s Past on gift giving.

On Gift Giving:

1. What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend...  

2. What to gift your practical snob of a boyfriend...

3. Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.

Great, now that you're all caught up, how are you going to make this holiday one to remember?

Of course, I have a few ideas...

1. Add fresh rose buds as garnishes for the perfect flute of champagne. By this point, I'm so incredibly over nog and cranberry, and enough with your pine needle garnishes! The only pine needles I want to experience is the "piney" flavor of Bombay. Pop open the Ace of Spades and let the Queen of Diamonds be hydrated properly.

2. How about a little friendly game of Cards Against Humanity to play sitting in front of the fireplace Christmas Eve? Come on, who doesn't want to see Granny play the card "Elf Cum" to your sister's boyfriend's card.

3. Single for the holidays this year? Just think of how much money you're saving not having to buy your douchebag practical snob of an ex-boyfriend a Christmas gift. Go out and buy yourself a present for being your fabulous self. Herm├Ęs does a lovely job gift wrapping, if I do say so myself.

4. Yeah, I know...I'm so over red and green too. You don't have to wait until New Years Eve to break out an amazing gold sequined party dress. The sequined tulle Louis Vuitton dress shown above comes with a giant bow attached and much more festive can you get?

5. Don't wait until 2014 to go on your next adventure.

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