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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Holiday to Remember.

It's the Eve before Christmas Eve and I hope you have made the most out of this holiday season, dear reader...managing to start the party early with your Jewish friends, having way too many SPMs (skinny peppermint mochas), watching The Holiday and Love Actually on rotation every day of December, buying one too many new Valentino red dresses to match the festive cranberry skewer dipped in your martini, and hopefully snagging a good make out or few underneath the mistletoe.

If you haven't gone shopping for your significant other yet, I suggest you get on it should you want to keep him or her as your New Years Eve date. Speaking of new years, lets go back to the old years and revist the Ghosts of LisaPriceInc.'s Past on gift giving.

On Gift Giving:

1. What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend...  

2. What to gift your practical snob of a boyfriend...

3. Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.

Great, now that you're all caught up, how are you going to make this holiday one to remember?

Of course, I have a few ideas...

1. Add fresh rose buds as garnishes for the perfect flute of champagne. By this point, I'm so incredibly over nog and cranberry, and enough with your pine needle garnishes! The only pine needles I want to experience is the "piney" flavor of Bombay. Pop open the Ace of Spades and let the Queen of Diamonds be hydrated properly.

2. How about a little friendly game of Cards Against Humanity to play sitting in front of the fireplace Christmas Eve? Come on, who doesn't want to see Granny play the card "Elf Cum" to your sister's boyfriend's card.

3. Single for the holidays this year? Just think of how much money you're saving not having to buy your douchebag practical snob of an ex-boyfriend a Christmas gift. Go out and buy yourself a present for being your fabulous self. Hermès does a lovely job gift wrapping, if I do say so myself.

4. Yeah, I know...I'm so over red and green too. You don't have to wait until New Years Eve to break out an amazing gold sequined party dress. The sequined tulle Louis Vuitton dress shown above comes with a giant bow attached and much more festive can you get?

5. Don't wait until 2014 to go on your next adventure.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hole in the Wall Sweaters.

"Default" - Django Django"

It's chilly out and the this work week has been the longest week in the entire world. All I'm thinking about is curling up on the vintage (worn in) leather couch of a totally chic and undercover hot spot (my favorite hole in the wall) with a glass of red wine and a group of my favorite boho friends. 

Obviously, I'm shopping the sites on my lunch break looking at a ton of fabulous sweaters that would perfect the outfit for this exact occasion. Does Barneys rush deliver by 6 pm? Thank you please.

Check 'em out...the perfect hole in the wall sweaters...

*Styling: Pair with black skinnies or slouchy black pants cinched at the ankle. Add in an urban pair of boots or classic heels. Throw an over-sized bag over your shoulder or grab your trusty vintage envelope clutch. Trés easy.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shucking Success; How to Eat an Oyster on a Date.

So you're out at a trendy restaurant with Mr. X (flavor of the week, hottie patottie, TD&H, love of your life, whoever the hell he is) sipping a flute of crisp champs and having a good time. You're totally on your A-game...until, he gets a little bit aggressive with the raw bar menu and out comes a silver platter of two-dozen exquisite oysters on a bed of freshly crushed ice.

Now, you may be an O.S.S.S. (Oyster Slurper Success Story) and this post may be totally irrelevant to you, but I'm pretty positive that there are some posh readers out there that haven't quite mastered this sneaky shellfish. Maybe you've played copycat at a cocktail party once or twice, simply tossing the oyster back into the wind. Or perhaps, you were so tipsy at your last girls' night out at the fancy fusion restaurant down in Chelsea that you couldn't differentiate between an oyster shooter and a shot.

Regardless, I'm here to help for the times when you can't fake it.

How to be a Shucking Success:

1. Relax. You're about to eat a morsel that resembles female genitalia. There is no "right way" to go about doing this.

2. Take the tiniest fork on the table (smaller than your goat cheese, beet, and arugula salad fork), and move around the oyster, detaching it if necessary from the shell.

3. Place your fork down on your plate...not upright in the bed of ice mimicking a King Neptune sculpture.

4. Then, place the shell to your pout, at whatever end lays flattest and is less rough, and let the oyster simply slide into your mouth.

5. No teeth, you biter, until it's fully in your mouth.

6. Chew it once or twice, or follow the ridiculous urban myth that you're supposed to swallow it whole...whatever floats your yacht.

7. Place the shell back on the tray, face down. This is simply as courtesy to your waiter, it signals that the oyster has been eaten.

8. Finally, take a sip or three of champagne, you did it!

9. Repeat as many times as necessary.

If you want to get fancy with your new skills, feel free to play with the little accompanying accoutrements; lemon, cocktail sauce, tabasco, a mignonette sauce, perhaps a garlic spread (although this one I would strongly suggest from veering away from on a date). I prefer a purist take and go au naturel or spritz a little fresh lemon juice if I'm feeling frisky. Feel free to knock yourself out though (literally) by making a suicide mix in your shell.

Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the Season; Christmas Presents for the Unexpected.

It's a week before Christmas and you're completely caught off guard at your desk with a super thoughtful Christmas present that you absolutely love from a coworker that you A. don't even go on Starbucks breaks with, and B. you totally thought she was Jewish???

C. I bet you wished you were prepared.

Well 'tis the season, dear reader, for those unexpected and more embarrassing than a White Elephant gift exchanges that you may encounter over the next week or so. It's time to get your sh*t together and pretend that you are the best Santa's little elf ever with these gifts to have on hand for the generous givers that deserve to be gifted back.

We're not talking a cliché holiday gift card or peppermint bark that screams re-gifted central, we're talking thoughtfully chic gifts that in the case of ending up with leftovers, you can happily stuff in your own stocking.

Check these options out...

1. During the holiday season, a blowout is a betch's best friend. Book it to Drybar and pick up a stack of cards. What a shame if you don't end up handing them all out...2014 will be the year of the amazing blown out hair for you!

2. Pick up a case (or few) of the newest and hottest champagne on the market - Magnifico Giornata. Not only does the unique essences make a special gift, but the gold bottle is so festive. Two great things about this gift option; 1. Depending on the unexpected gift giver's present, you can decide if you want to gift back one bottle or a trio set, 2. Leftover bubbles...enough said.

3. F your Godiva, the name you need to know when it comes to chocolate is Chuao. Order anything off the Chuao Chocolatier Gift Guide online and have it sent straight to your office...dangerous, I know...but, it's better than going into Chuao Chocolatier starving after your Pilates instructor killed you in a solo session on the reformer.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Valentino Up to Date.

Photo by Terry Richardson

Valentino is getting edgier and edgier each season and I am absolutely lusting after it. Just open up the link to Valentino and let the site's background music play. It sets the entire current tone for the line. Beats, baby. The Rockstud collection, a seasonal treat turned stylishly signature, made this revolution for me valid. However there's so much more incorporated into the last collections that make this revolution spin. We're talking a new smoothened stud embellishment, mesh fabrics, tribal prints, incredible draping, leather headbands, gold jewelry, vicious sunglasses, and flats that are so much better than gladiator.

Monday, December 9, 2013

How (Not) To Pack; Amalfi Coast Edition.

"Do What U Want" - Lady Gaga ft. R Kelly

I figured, what better way to learn how to pack for your next trip to the Amalfi Coast than to learn how to not pack, based off of my own personal mistakes. That's as far as my introduction will go.

How (not) to Pack for the Amalfi Coast:

1. No you didn't put on fuzzy socks in first class and walk to the bathroom in them because you had a bottle of Prosecco before take off. Do you not listen to your own advice, LisaPriceInc.? (cc: Traveling in Style & Slumber). The floor is filthy, you'll realize what you've done when you get back to your seat and end up holding up the entire plane's departure because you're searching around in your (previously) properly stowed carry-on for your return home pair of fuzzy socks because you can't wear the ones you just put on a minute ago.

2. Do not bring as many possible bags as the airline allows you. Believe it or not, U.S. Airways baggage rules are way more flexible than a Fiat. If you have one jumbo checked bag, one overstuffed carry-on, and a Louis Neverfull that's way-too-full, times that by two to include your accomplice's luggage and try stuffing all of that into a brand new cream colored Fiat 500.

3. Remember to pack dry shampoo. There may be a night or two when 5-star bathroom quarters remind you of a 7 Star Gas Station. The last thing you want to do is spend too many precious hours primping. You're going to want some dry shampoo for the journey to find a nearest blow out, trust me.

4. Don't forget your toothbrush when you repack a smaller bag for a weekend getaway to Tuscany. You've come too far already to forget the small things. And always, when in a remote part of the country that is not America, your chances of finding a convenient La Farmacia are slim. Prepare for a detour and a bristle mark-up.

5. Why in the world did you bother bringing multiple pairs of Louboutins and Choos? Did you really think the cobblestone walkways of Napoli would be your runway? Get ready to snap a Choo. Unless you want your red soles exfoliated, leave your lovely Loubs at home.

6. Nike socks are great for your Frees in Southern California, but do not buffer out the cold in Bologna. Prepare for frozen feet if you didn't bring thicker socks. Even if you're no where near the Alps in Sorrento, you absolutely must pack a pair of ski socks or three. You don't want to be stuck layering up 48-hour used socks. This is gross.

7. Two beige ponchos, really? I know that you're so excited to rock the Givenchy ponchos you have hidden in the back of your closet for romantic trips to the cabin and ice skating in Rockefeller Center, but why would you ever pack two for one trip that look exactly the same? First of all, you'll only end up needing to wear one. Second of all, no one is going to notice the added leather trim on the second in your 20th picture uploaded onto Instagram and think you totally poncho repeated.

8. Pick your PJs wisely. Lets be honest, there's no need for the sexy cute PJs when you're cuddled up on a hard mattress with your BFF. You've been out all day, the heat is cranking in the apartment, and you're ready to pass out hard to let the snoring ensue. All you need is one pair of flannels. Let's not get chic here.

9. Accidentally "forget" to bring enough perfume samples so that you have justification for wanting to bring home a giant ouncer of Italian parfum. Totally unnecessary, but so essential. Italian parfum is sweet and musky and so delicious that it's the calorie-free equivalent to those cioccolato cornettos you've been inhaling every morning for breakfast.

10. Don't forget to bring extra sleeping pills. Coach sucks whether it's on a bag or in a plane. After flying first from Rome and connecting into Coach from Phili, you're going to want an extra dosage of diphenhydramine to get you home.

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