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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Foot Rehab.

Are your feet sore from your stilettos this weekend? Did you wake up the morning after Halloween still in your knee-high black suede Louboutin boots and your feet are still tingling? (I wish I wasn't talking about myself...) Or maybe you squeezed your Shrek feet into a Grinch Status "two sizes too small" pair of cage Givenchy booties Saturday night to tower along with your tall friends? (Again, I wish I wasn't talking about myself...)

Whatever the scenario...I bet your feet are effing killing you and your lunch hour pedicure can't come fast enough. Before you dial in Mei Ling to set up her station underneath your desk every Monday morning, try investing in some shoe rehab at the beginning of the week and give your poor tootsies a break.

Here's what tops Passages Malibu in foot therapy, but still manages to look just as chic as a celebrity in a 30-day program...

1. The Sandal, Azzurra Capri - so what if my best friend is the designer and CEO of the company? I may be biased and delusional but these flats are the only flats worth wearing, period. Take your Sam Edelman and chuck 'em. Italian leather and Swarovski crystals, a signature combo in every pair of Azzurra Capris, take your feet to paradise come Monday morning and are an essential must have to every woman's shoe collection.

2. The Boot, Sartore - this edgy boot is perfect for a statement and tons of room for your foot to slouch. Studs sans the laces make this bootie a winning combo, allowing you to slide your feet into a pair like they're Uggs, no joke. The heel offers support and the leather shapes to your foot, silent structure softens all cries.

3. The Flat, Charlotte Olympia - get in touch with your inner astrology master and make a centered zodiac debut on your feet. I'm obsessed with Charlotte Olympia's Zodiac flats and think that every woman needs a pair in her sign immediately. Feel free to go a size up or have your shoe guy stretch the toe because honestly, the Miu Miu flats are way more comfortable, but these are key.

4. The Sneaker, Maison Martin Margiela - the last thing you want is a high-top with a hidden wedge or a sneaker with no room at the toe. This pair by Maison Martin Margiela gives you fashionable height and a rounded toe in soft leather and a thin sole. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.

5. The Slide, Collection Privée? - not entirely ugly, this slip on slide by Collection Privée? gives you two sizes in the front and two in the White Chicks style for feet in the worst shape and form. These shapeless and formless shoes are your only option. I suggest wearing them underneath a maxi and only on Monday.

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